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    Default Where are they now Thread

    Using this thread to get an update on anyone who was a part of this thing when it was a real community. Also, sending out an APB for Ryon Graf. I recently took a vacation to San Diego, and would have liked to have seen him. I hope he's doing well with his cancer research career and has not let photography go by the way side. I got into it last year myself and now understand the addiction.

    I have lived all over Texas for the last 6 years with a few months-long stays in Louisiana and Mississippi. I was in the desert of Alpine, Texas for the last two years running a pipeline project across the mexican border. In March of this year, I moved to a small town near Columbus, Ohio to begin another pipeline construction project that will keep me here through the end of the year.

    My wife still travels with me and our little girl turned 18 months old 2 days ago. She is absolutely perfect in every way. As Al Pacino said in the horrible movie that was the Godfather 3, the only wealth in this world is children. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

    I will end up settling down somewhere in the next 3 years so that we are somewhere permanently by the time Sadie starts school and so that we can have more kids and have a more normal lifestyle. We are looking at moving to either Salt Lake City or Denver. We are both from Florida and she is originally from the Caribbean (Honduran Bay Islands) so we like the mountains now.

    My hobbies over the past few years have changed quite a bit. I have always liked magic and had some free time at work a few years ago so I got into doing a bunch of card tricks and now really take joy in learning new things and trying to innovate card magic. I have not been able to do much disc golfing the past 2 years, but now live in an area where there are a few good courses so I will pick that back up. I got into cycling in late 2015 with some friends and still try to get about 50 miles a week when I have time. It's tough to really get a schedule down when work hours vary so much and there is always something to do around the house.

    Hope everyone can join in on this. I catch myself talking about friends I had that did this or that and then realize that it was people from this messageboard and I have hardly met anyone from here IRL. Good luck to everyone and hope to hear back.

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    Congrats on the little one! Looks like you've been staying busy. Funny that you mention being from Florida so mountains are a welcome change. Having lived in Austin (not saying we have mountains, just land locked) for a couple of years I'm really missing the coast. My entire adult life has been spent on the Gulf Coast, West Coast, or Key West up until living here so just feels like somethings missing. The plus side is I have four racetracks within 2-4 hours and that's been my main hobby this year. No g/f or chilrens, but I'm pretty consistently found in the garage or at the track, whether testing or competing. It's a money pit, but a blast. Usually camp at the track and we party Saturday night. These are my people.

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    We should start a FB group or something. I'm still in LA, working in tech. Surfing a lot, don't skim much anymore. Folks from the workout thread would be interested to know I guess that I'm still lifting and recently started BJJ which is very addictive. I still see some of you guys on FB, and Conor and I snapchat back and forth some. Glad to see you guys are doing well.



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