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    Default Skimboard Help!!!

    Hello guys I need help picking out a skimboard. I own a crappy 35in wooden skimboard that i got at the beach last year, I weight 125lbs and it worked fine for me. I only go to the beach 3 times a year and I am not going to be that into it but i want a good skimboard. Will a zap lazer be fine for me or even a zap mini lazer. I do not want an overly sized board, but I want it to work for me. The zap lazer is only for 90lb riders but the wooden board I have now is smaller and worked fine for me. Will the zap lazer work for me? If not what do you recomend? Thanks lots...

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    If you only go to the beach 3 times a year, why would you want to waste your money on a nice skimboard? If your never gonna use it, it seems like it wouldn't be a very practical buy..I wouldn't buy a zap lazer..I would get a zap wedge if I were you, its definitely an entry level board, but it will be a lot better than the wooden board that your using and you can buy one within your weight range

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    I used to go to the beach only once a year. If you want to skim, you need a board regardless of how often it is.

    I'm with Toggaf otherwise though, at least get a wedge. I would only go lower if you are absolutely certain you will never want to go beyond sand sliding. It will even save you money in the long run. Lazers don't exactly last, in terms of either durability or usefulness as you grow.
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