So while the message boards were down i got bored and joined a cult run by a TV presenter here in the UK.

and i want you to join too.

its a nice cult, we don't do bad things like mass suicide or gas train stations, although a little more free love wouldn't hurt i guess.

so JOIN ME and thousands of others in the Karma Army HERE.

All you have to do is send a passport sized photo to the address on the site and you've joined! then every friday (eloquently termed 'good friday') you go out and do a random act of kindness for a stranger, just because its a nice thing to do. if friday doens't suit you then try 'happy mondays' (its an english joke, you propbably won't get that one).

examples of RAoK include leaving 20 unopened tins of cat food outside a home for unwanted cats, giving the postman a bottle of whisky because they seemed like they could do with a drink, leaving notes in books at librarys telling the reader they have nice shoes.

its things like that that make the world a nicer place, and thats why i'm in the cult.

so join bitches, or karma will bite you in the ass!