View Full Version : Bed of fail.

08-27-2010, 07:09 AM
Just watched this it had me rolling, esp the last couple. Sorry if its toast, I tried to search nothing came up.

08-27-2010, 09:23 AM
funniest part was when the fat women couldn't get themselves out.

sealice aka lone ranger
08-27-2010, 10:17 AM
that shit had me in tears

08-27-2010, 10:34 AM
Had the whole office laughing. Pretty funny for Germans, I'd have expected acid or a gas chamber under there.

08-27-2010, 03:16 PM
really old but still really funny. another classic:


08-27-2010, 04:05 PM
It looks fake to me. How many people really sit at the exact same time? The first one they show is a good example. The lady is ready to sit, but waits till the exact moment her dude tries to lay down. Someone sent this to me on facebook last week, and I can't help but be a skeptic. I like the concept behind it.

The Japanese thing is funny. Couldn't imagine what I would do in that situation

08-27-2010, 04:06 PM
Also, am I the only one who feels a bed with my hand before sitting? I feel like you would be able to tell something was awry

sealice aka lone ranger
08-27-2010, 04:12 PM
i was thinking the same but they prob put some non absorbent material on top. it is suppose to be a water bed.

08-27-2010, 04:41 PM
The Japanese thing is funny. Couldn't imagine what I would do in that situation

Well the people have already seen you with your pants down so why not just finish your business?

08-30-2010, 08:39 AM
wrong thread

08-30-2010, 02:54 PM
yeah, super old, but this shit never gets old, i mean its always funny.

08-30-2010, 03:01 PM
oops the neg train was in the wrong thread. goddamn tabs. sorry xenjoii