North Carolina

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Posted 03 Nov 2012

Kure Beach

Best Season: Summer and Fall Best Swell Direction: ESE for wraps, S or NNE for liners Best Wind: WNW for wraps, SW or NNW for liners Best Tide: Usually the best at high, but sometimes in the summer mid tide is best. Mainly holds Knee-Thigh but on the best days can hold up to stomach Spots: Kure Beach Pier: This… Continue »
Perry Pruitt
Posted 29 Jul 2012

Perry Pruitt Wins The OBX Skim Jam

Words by Woody Harris Photos courtesy of Day one of the OBX Skim Jam had similar conditions to the few days before the event. Which consisted of bountiful waist high wraps and liners. The competitors who shined the brightest on the first day were Perry Pruitt, Blair Conklin, Sam Stinnett, Brad Domke, Dave Scott, Brandon Sears, Morgan Just, and… Continue »
Posted 25 May 2010

Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle is great for skimboarding for several reasons: The beaches outside of a few public beaches, even in the peak of the summer, are generally sparsely populated, so there is plenty of room. There is also a fairly gentle slope for beginners to learn, yet close shore-break waves for the advanced to ride out on. Lastly, the water is… Continue »
Posted 25 May 2010

Ocean Isle Beach

This is a cool little beach that is not overly crowded. It is very long and easy to ride if you catch a good tide and a good day. Even on a regular day it is still good. Some times of year like late August are great if you like to go towards the ocean (good slope), yet Spring is… Continue »
Posted 25 May 2010


Duck is one of the most underrated spots in North Carolina. It is also one of the coolest little towns ever. Over the past 10 years I have seen everything from head high powerful wraps to perfect peeling point break liners. Just like most other spots in N.C, in Duck you have to do some searching in order to find… Continue »
Posted 25 May 2010


Hatteras can get really good. One of the best spots for skimboarding in North Carolina lies in Hatteras but for the locals sake I’ll let you find that wave for yourself.(Think Off-road) There is also a very skim-able sider that breaks off of the main jetty at the old Hatteras lighthouse site, you can also find some really fun wraps… Continue »
Posted 22 May 2010

Atlantic Beach

This spot has very good moments. Although during low tide there isn’t much to skim on, high tide can give you many good rides. The shore break during high tide is constantly 4-5 feet breaking about 20 feet off of the sloping shore. It is awesome for airs and cutting into shore breaks. When you come on to the island… Continue »
Posted 22 May 2010

Topsail Island

Any time in August, the breaks are really sweet!! And During High tide, the huge waves break really close to the shore, so you get some sick rides! Of Route 40 Near Jacksonville, NC, close to S.C. Boarder View Larger Map Continue »
Posted 22 May 2010

Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach, NC. When you cross the drawbridge to Harbor Island, veer to the left. You’ll pass a fire station on your right. At the end of this road, you’ll see Johnnie Mercer’s pier. Park somewhere around there. Parking in the summer is freaking impossible, so you may have to park on the other side of the bridge and hoof… Continue »
Posted 22 May 2010

Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk can get great liners and great wraps. There are no consistent spots here because storms are always moving around the sand. You just have to drive up and down the beach road (the 12) and check different streets. Kitty Hawk gets fun waves on any swell and is offshore with any kind of west wind. View Larger Map Continue »
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