Posted 06 Jan 2011

South Side

SKIM SPOT DETAILS WAVE TYPE: Powerful shorebreak SWELL SIZE: 4’+ BEST TIDES: Rising or Dropping Just South of Dewey Beach, this beach provides the most powerful shorebreak in Delaware. On an average day, 4-5 foot waves roll in to pound the shore about 10 to 15 feet out. On an incredible day, we’ve seen 7 footers rolling in. Now this… Continue »
Posted 06 Jan 2011

Dewey Beach (Main Beach)

SKIM SPOT DETAILS WAVE TYPE: Peeling lefts and rights on either side of the jetty SWELL SIZE: 2′ – 6’+ BEST TIDE: High SLOPE: Good slope on high tide BEST SEASON: Summer ACCESS/PARKING: Dewey beach is very easy to get to. Follow Route 1 which runs directly through Dewey and park somewhere within the township. Parking requires a season pass… Continue »