Santa Cruz

Posted 17 May 2010


For winter and early spring skim in the Santa Cruz area, try Old Capitola. Best time to check it out for wedging liners is high tide on big north west swells or on huge storm swells. The swells bounce off the cliffs forming the wedges and you can catch them north and south of the pier. This is a very… Continue »
Posted 16 May 2010

Steamer Lane

Here is an obvious skim spot left off from your Santa Cruz section; It’s the beach on the other side of the light house at Steamer’s Lane. Even when Steamer’s is flat, It can have fairly good swell. Rising tides an hour past low tide are best, usually with peak time around an hour before to an hour after high… Continue »
Posted 16 May 2010

Flats/Rio Beach

I usually hit this beach at mid-high tide. The shore break is 3-4 ft average it is fairly flat with a little river flowing in so u can get some pretty fun waves. Exit highway 1 at Rio exit, then go to a stop sign. take a right keep going till u hit another stop sign. keep going straight then… Continue »
Posted 16 May 2010

Seascape Beach

There is a spot a half mile from my house called seascape beach it is pretty flat and usually get 2 -3 ft shore break i go about 45 min before high tide. Exit highway 1 to Sumner road take a left at first stop then u will see another stop sign there is parking to the left View Larger… Continue »
Posted 16 May 2010

38th Ave

Best at high tide. When waves are about 3 to 4 feet it makes a side wave off the cliff. Pretty steep. Good off the face turns. On the east side of Santa Cruz right by Pleasure Point. View Larger Map Continue »
Posted 16 May 2010

La Selva Beach

Nice Beach, go an hour and 30 minutes before high tide. Waves break close, good for aerials. Not crowded whatsoever. Gets choppy around high tide, pretty steep. Take freeway to San Andreas road, drive down towards La Selva beach, drive down main road towards ocean until you reach a gate. View Larger Map Continue »
Posted 16 May 2010

Seabright Beach

A.K.A Castle Beach, my personal favorite, which is just north of the Yacht Harbor. This place is on fire with a 4-5 ft tide and medium waves. The best spot is right next to the jetty. The beach gets steep in the summer months with some good shore pound. Take Hwy. 1 north to Morrissey Blvd.. exit over the bridge… Continue »
Posted 02 May 2010

26th Ave

Just thought I’d inform everyone about a place for skimming in Santa Cruz. I skim there frequently and recently witnessed a phat skimboard contest with some awsome pro’s. It’s definitely not worth a trip from out of town, but if you’re going there anyway, and awesome spot is 26th street. It gets a pretty good shorebreak with some narly waves…. Continue »