Santa Barbara

Posted 16 May 2010

Santa Clause

Santa Clause a great place to skim no rocks so don’t have to worry about dinging up your board. Sometimes lots of people there so your gonna wanna go at around 4:00 o’clock. The waves break a little farther back but great for just cruising if you get out there far enough then the waves are pretty damn big. Get… Continue »
Posted 16 May 2010

Campus Point

Aloha, my name is Rob Souza and I’ve been skimming for about 7 years now. When I went away to school at UCSB, the first thing I did was look for spots to surf and skim. One of the best skimming spots I’ve encountered in SB not mentioned yet is Campus point at UCSB. During the Summer months, plenty of… Continue »
Posted 16 May 2010


Sandspit is another of the few good spots in SB. It is unique in the sense that the skimming is best on a lower tide. It is well known as a place of incredible surfing once or twice a winter when the waves are actually big. Other than those couple times, there may be a few surfers hoping for a… Continue »
Posted 16 May 2010

Leadbetter Beach

One of the more consistent breaks in Santa Barbara is Leadbetter Beach just below the cliffs of Shoreline park. The beach is steeper in the spring and summer time. The best time to catch a good shorebreak is when high tide is approaching. It is a very popular beach for long boarders and sun bathers but there is not much… Continue »
Posted 02 May 2010


I think this spot is fantastic- at least if you catch it right. Like most spots on the central coast it is best as the swell is rising after a long flat spell. If you make it there on a high tide in these conditions, you may be surprised that you’re in SB county. I’ve found the evening highs to… Continue »