San Luis Obispo

Posted 16 May 2010


This quiet beach is most often found completely solitary from all people. It gets quite rowdy at around high tide and puts out some really good wraps and liners if your patient. The spot is directly across form Morro Rock on the opposing side of the bay. If you’re familiar with the area you know what I’m talking about. Paddle… Continue »
Posted 02 May 2010

Cambria Beach

Cambria is pretty much a year round break.  It has great days and good days.  Most of the time sweet rides peeling right and left are available.  The beach itself is steep, with a good transition into 3-4 foot beauties.  The sand is really coarse like The Wedge, but more round.  Not a beginners’ beach. At the third light into… Continue »
Posted 02 May 2010

Pismo Beach

Pismo is for small sand riding. There are little or no waves, but it’s still fun to go straight and do little tricks. Plus, all the chicks go there. View Larger Map Continue »
Shell Beach
Posted 02 May 2010

Shell Beach

Every once in awhile you will catch Shell beach throwing 3-4 foot wraps and a few liners. I have found it to be best just a bit before high tide. Shell is about 10 minutes south of S.L.O. and parking is free on Ebb tide st. Most of the time the beach is under water. If you hit it at… Continue »