San Francisco

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Posted 02 May 2010

Wrights Beach

About five or six miles north of Bodega Bay is probably the best skim spot in Northern California. Wright’s beach is a burly shorebreak with an intimidating drop-off. The south end of the beach is just about the heaviest shorebreak I’ve ever seen and should probably be avoided. The north end is a whole other story though. There is a… Continue »
Posted 02 May 2010

Dillon Beach

This spot has something for beginners through advanced. It rarely has too many people on the beach, and there are usually just a few skimboarders that are always friendly. It’s not un-crowded because of the beach, but because not that many people know about it. The main beach at Lawson’s Landing is where you’ll find the beginners, because of its… Continue »
Posted 02 May 2010

China Beach

China Beach, San Francisco has straight in shorebreak with some small sidewash. It is best at high tide and the mornings are usually glassier. The beach is usually steeper in the summer but there is more tourists. Take Golden Gate to 1 South, turn right on Lake ave.and another right on 28th st. and you will see it on your… Continue »
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Posted 02 May 2010


Ft. Point is a small beach cove that breaks only in winter at low tide. Ocean swells must be 10 foot or higher for it to break. The waves are usually easy to reach and are perfect for down the liners. On a good day, you could catch 30 yard rides. Ft. Point is an old army base located a… Continue »