San Diego

Posted 02 May 2010


Windansea is famous for surfing but there is also skimming to be found. Most often the skimming is to the south of the surfing hut. Generally works on a high or rising tide. Like everywhere in San Diego, it cant handle a big swell so bring your surfboard if you think there are going to be any waves. Windansea is… Continue »
Posted 02 May 2010

Marine Street

SKIM SPOT DETAILS WAVE TYPE: Straight wave, regular and goofy wraps, rare right hand liners SWELL DIRECTION: Any work, usually get’s blown out by big winter NW swells SWELL SIZE: Best from 2′-5′ BEST TIDE: Depends on the sand set up and swell size, low to rising is usually best in the summer as high tide is often troughy BEST… Continue »
Posted 01 May 2010

The Wall

SKIM SPOT DETAILS WAVE TYPE: Small sometimes, powerful sometimes. ┬áSider at the south end. SWELL DIRECTION: NW is best for siders, something to ride on all directions though. SWELL SIZE: 2′ – 6’+ BEST TIDE: Primary siders require a tide from 1.5 – 4 depending on swell size and sand set up. North end can fire on any tide below… Continue »