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Posted 26 Mar 2012

Brandon Sears Wins In Melaque

Words by Luis Uribe, edited by Steve Taylor It’s been more than 8 years since the first contest that I (Luis Uribe) and Drew Peace organized in Melaque. By that time the international skimboarding scene did not know anything about this tiny town that is located in the middle of the jungle in Mainland Mexico. After the contest I couldn’t… Continue »
Posted 08 Jul 2011

The 2011 Victoria WCS: What Makes Aliso...

Aliso Beach is known around the world as one of the best breaks a professional can skim and has long been a host to the Victoria Skimboards World Championship of Skimboarding. Listen to what riders like Paulo Prietto, Matthieu Thibaud, Garth Wyckoff, Tex Haines, and Steve Taylor have to say about Aliso Beach and get stoked for this year’s contest,… Continue »
Posted 26 Jun 2011

SouthSide Shoot Out 2011 Official UST...

In early June dozens of professional skimboarders competed at the annual Southside Shootout in Delaware. Brad Domke was able to pull off the victory only confirming that this year will be another close race for the title. Check out the official United Skim Tour coverage below. Video by Matt Adams Continue »
Posted 12 May 2011

Austin Keen in Japan

Austin Keen (Exile Skimboards, Resistance Wetsuits) recently took a trip to Japan, and Resistance was there to catch some footage of one of the world’s best.  Check out the video they put together. The stoke of the people of Japan is unmatched! Continue »
so feat paulo
Posted 03 Mar 2011

Paulo Prietto Mini Movie

Paulo Prietto of Exile Skimboards is one of the bigger names in skimboarding for many reasons, not the least of which is his sick skimboarding skills! Watch this video for proof! This video is made from leftover footage from the filming of the Skimboarding DVD “Stimulus” which you can buy on the Exile Skimboards website (as well as others). His… Continue »
Posted 04 Feb 2011

Woody Harris: An Interview with Steve...

Woody Harris of Exile Skimboards recently caught a gnarly sider connection at West Street. Steve Taylor sat down with Woody to talk about that sequence, his recent travels, and ThisIsMov. SteveT: First things first here, what’s this wave picture thing you have here? Woody Harris: It’s a picture of the best wave that I have ever ridden at West Street…. Continue »
Posted 18 Dec 2010

A Foggy Day at San Diego Skim Fiesta...

By Shea Benton With temperatures projected into the high 70’s, and a solid swell rolling through, Saturday December 11th was looking promising for the 2010 San Diego Skim Fiesta at The Wall in La Jolla, a spot known for being inconsistent but having amazing potential on some days. Organized by La Jolla locals Justin and Tomas Frymann and sponsored by… Continue »
Posted 10 Oct 2010

Paulo Prietto’s New Instructional...

Paulo Prietto is releasing a unique instructional DVD for skimboarders of all skill levels. “Sessions” includes in-depth instruction from some of the best riders in the world. Here’s what Paulo had to say about the new DVD. Q: What is Sessions? A: Sessions is a new instructional dvd that teaches you how to skimboard. It breaks down the fundamentals, introduces… Continue »
Posted 02 Oct 2010

Lightning Strikes At Oktoberfest Day

By Aaron Peluso There are good day and there are bad days. Today was a good day. After five years of trying to get an earlier date for the Exile Skimboards and Main Street Oktoberfest, a permit was finally issued for the weekend of October 2nd 2010. The date change appears to be paying off. Early on however, things were… Continue »
Picture 32
Posted 04 Aug 2010

Solag Skim School 2010 Video

Paulo Prietto (Exile, EOS, Resistance) arguably the best skimboarder in the world teaches campers how to advance their skimming and have tons of fun doing it.  In his camp you get to hang with the pros and learn the secrets to conquering the waves of South Laguna.  For more info visit Video by: Derek Young Continue »
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