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Posted 15 Oct 2010

1st Annual Mazunte Contest: Oaxaca,...

Mainland Mexico is a relatively uncharted territory for skimboarding (at least for Americans). George Bryan recently took a trip to Oaxaca to skim a town called Mazunte, a hidden gem on the mainland. What he found was great scenery, great skim, and a need for exposure to skimboarding for the children of Mazunte. On November 20th, 2010, there will be… Continue »
Posted 10 Oct 2010

Paulo Prietto’s New Instructional...

Paulo Prietto is releasing a unique instructional DVD for skimboarders of all skill levels. “Sessions” includes in-depth instruction from some of the best riders in the world. Here’s what Paulo had to say about the new DVD. Q: What is Sessions? A: Sessions is a new instructional dvd that teaches you how to skimboard. It breaks down the fundamentals, introduces… Continue »
Posted 08 Oct 2010

Alley-Oop Grinch Skimming 2010:...

Some of the original Alley-Oop Delaware crew star in this Grinch Skimming video during Hurricane Danielle. Jamie Celano, Joey Vavala, and Jason Wilson use the Grinch winch to propel themselves out to some usually unreachable waves. The video was filmed all in one session on the North Side of Indian River Inlet in the Delaware State Seashore Park. Big thanks… Continue »
Posted 08 Oct 2010

Paddy Mack Mini Movie

Apex welcomes Paddy Mack to their professional team. Watch him rip up some tenth street siders and more in his first Apex Mini Movie. Video by: Adam Hayward Continue »
Bill and Blair
Posted 04 Oct 2010

Bill Bryan Wraps Up A Dominant Season...

By Aaron Peluso After a stellar first day of Oktoberfest, expectations were high for day two. Mother nature did her best to pull through, but simply couldnt muster a truly worthy follow up to day one. Thats not to say it was bad. It wasn’t, it was actually pretty good. The skimming conditions just weren’t epic like day one. The… Continue »
Posted 02 Oct 2010

Lightning Strikes At Oktoberfest Day

By Aaron Peluso There are good day and there are bad days. Today was a good day. After five years of trying to get an earlier date for the Exile Skimboards and Main Street Oktoberfest, a permit was finally issued for the weekend of October 2nd 2010. The date change appears to be paying off. Early on however, things were… Continue »
Posted 01 Oct 2010

Groovy Baby Delivers Again

This time Olivier Harrault (Groovy Baby) chose to make a video about one of his friends, Gruss. This guy is a one man circus and a really cool guy. Most of the footage was filmed in one session at Cap Ferret, France. This beach is well known for its clean liners. Sometimes simple things are way better than anything else…. Continue »
Posted 28 Sep 2010

The Official UST Santa Cruz Video

Great conditions made for an exciting contest at this year’s Santa Cruz Skimbash. Check out the Official UST video, showcasing the talent of some of the best riders in the world including this year’s UST Champion Bill Bryan, Teddy Vlasis, Tim Fulton and newcomer Blair Conklin in his professional debut. Continue »
Posted 26 Sep 2010

Alley Oop Adventures 2011: Melaque

Press realease: Alley Oop Skim Discover authentic Mainland Mexico with Paulo Prietto and Jason Wilson on this ultimate skim trip! Search for never before ridden siders while satisfying your taste buds with the rich Mexican cuisine. This trip is unlike any other and will put a big smile on your face. Alley Oop will be in search of new skim… Continue »
skimonlineFeat 41
Posted 22 Sep 2010

Foreverskim Issue 41

Issue 41 is out now! This issue is packed with content including the making of a skimboarding documentary, George Bryan in Mexico, and Matthieu Thibaud in France. Also included are interviews with Tim Fulton, Steve Taylor, and Adam Hayward. Check it out here, it’s always free and always delivers the freshest skimboarding content. Continue »
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