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Posted 06 Oct 2010

2010 UST Final Standings

The results are in and here are the 2010 top ten. Bill Bryan Brad Domke Sam Stinnett Morgan Just Brandon Sears Austin Keen Paulo Prietto Tim Fulton Teddy Vlasis Stephen Bradford Although Bill Bryan won the 2010 UST tour at event number seven, who is to blame him for putting his stamp on the victory by taking first at event… Continue »
Bill and Blair
Posted 04 Oct 2010

Bill Bryan Wraps Up A Dominant Season...

By Aaron Peluso After a stellar first day of Oktoberfest, expectations were high for day two. Mother nature did her best to pull through, but simply couldnt muster a truly worthy follow up to day one. Thats not to say it was bad. It wasn’t, it was actually pretty good. The skimming conditions just weren’t epic like day one. The… Continue »
Posted 29 Sep 2010

Terasawa Girls Festival

By Keiao Bucasas It was my first time going out of the country and I found myself having to run to the gate as I hear an announcement, “final call for Osaka, Japan.” I was invited to attend the Terasawa Girls Festival, a women’s skimboarding competition sponsored by Exile Skimboards, and I definitely was not about to miss my flight…. Continue »
Bill Bryan
Posted 28 Sep 2010

Bill Bryan Wins the 2010 UST Tour

After yet another win in Santa Cruz, Bill Bryan has won the 2010 UST Tour. Now in his late 30’s Bill continues to prove that he is the man to beat. This year’s victory is a continuation of competitive dominance that began in the late 1980’s, before many of his current competitors were born. It is legacy that matches if… Continue »
skimonlineFeat 41
Posted 22 Sep 2010

Foreverskim Issue 41

Issue 41 is out now! This issue is packed with content including the making of a skimboarding documentary, George Bryan in Mexico, and Matthieu Thibaud in France. Also included are interviews with Tim Fulton, Steve Taylor, and Adam Hayward. Check it out here, it’s always free and always delivers the freshest skimboarding content. Continue »
Posted 21 Sep 2010

2010 O’neill Santa Cruz SkimBash

By Steve Taylor The 2010 Oneill SkimBash took place in Santa Cruz this weekend at 26th Ave, quite possibly the most consistent skimboarding break in the upper half of California. Many traveling competitors arrived Friday afternoon and were greeted with a solid South swell that filled in throughout the night and stuck around all weekend. There were occasional side waves… Continue »
Posted 15 Sep 2010

Sununga Contest: Video, Write Up, and...

By Guilherme Vaz Another contest was recently held at the famous Sununga sider. It was organized by the AUSKIM crew, who are locals from Sununga with support from RDS. This two day event had 30 competitors in the open division, and was highly anticipated by Brazil natives. Day One As the first day began, conditions were messy and windy. When… Continue »
Posted 06 Sep 2010

Philippine Steez – Manoy Bazar...

by Arlene Grace Nonato The Philippines has been getting a lot of infamous press lately. I shouldn’t be putting the incident into words in the fear of it being never forgotten. But you, the ever-updated, intellectual mad-hatter-of-a-skimboarder might have heard it in your tea parties. Laugh about it, cry about it. Our SWAT and Miss Philippines have just exemplified what… Continue »
Jason Wilson in Portugal
Posted 01 Sep 2010

Skim USA Team in Portugal

By Jason Wilson As coach of the Skim USA team, I recently had the opportunity to travel to Portugal with some of America’s top amateur skimboarders. Our crew consisted of Libby Rendall, Perry Pruitt, Max Smetts, and Dan McDonald. Also along for the ride was Skim USA director Harry Wilson who was the main force behind making this Skim USA… Continue »
Posted 26 Aug 2010

Miles Grobman’s Iberian Skim...

It was some time last year when I first began thinking about returning to Spain to visit family and friends in the Basque country.  On my last trip three years ago, I didn’t bring a skim but ended up meeting up with Pascal in Hossegor and running into my friends from Exile the same day I arrived.  We ended up… Continue »
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