Posted 18 May 2010

The M-1 Skimboard Festival Held In

This year Freak Traction and Exile Skimboards sent Brad Domke and Sam Stinnett to Japan for the M-1 Skimboard Festival.  The event was held on May 2nd in Miyasaki Japan which is well known for its great surf and even the occasional WQS surfing event.  Brad and Sam were in attendance to hype up the Japanese skim scene and put on a… Continue »
Bill Bryan leaving no room for doubt.
Posted 16 May 2010

Bill Bryan Wins The 2010 Cabo Clasico

Day two of the 2010 UST Cabo Clasico was even more exciting than the first.  A slight drop in the swell size allowed the event to be held at Solmar beach for the first time since the mid 1990’s. Man on man heats started around 10 in the morning and right from the get go there were some intense match… Continue »
Posted 14 May 2010

Cabo Clasico Day One

Update: See final day event coverage here. The UST Cabo Clasico is one of the most anticipated skimboarding events in the world.  Solid waves and perfect weather regularly grace this event, and those who have attended it always come back with good memories.  A massive south swell filled in Friday, the first of three potential contest days in Cabo San Lucas.  Contestants… Continue »
Posted 14 May 2010


WARSAW SKIM JAM VOL.2 Warsaw’s skimboarding season inauguration. WARSAW SKIM JAM VOL.2 will take place on May 22 in Warsaw’s skimpark Figlowisko. The inauguration will start off the skimboarding season in Poland’s capitol. This is the contests 2nd year being held and will introduce the city’s skimpark ‘Figlowisko’. Competitions will take place on the specially prepared skim park. Contestants can… Continue »
George Bryan Skimming With a Smile At Wedge
Posted 13 May 2010

Chris Galindo Photographer Profile

Chris Galindo is a new face to skimboard photography in Southern California, but as you can see below, he has already captured some gems.  If you like what you see, leave this chap a comment and hopefully that will keep him motivated to go out and get some more! Continue »
Posted 12 May 2010

Project Hawaii, David Sterman

A little less than a month ago, Keiao Bucasas (one of the best female skimboarders in the world), released an amazing little edit of fellow Hawaiian David Sterman, entitled Project Hawaii. The video blew everyone in the online world away. David was a relatively unknown skimboarder until the day this video was released, but now he is an E celebrity…. Continue »
Posted 10 May 2010

Foreverskim Issue 39 Preview

Issue #39 of ForeverSkim drops tomorrow, May 11th. It features an interview with pro skimboarder Brandon Rothe, an amazing trip to the Philippines, an in-depth look at the history of SkimOnline and the recent redesign as well as information about the NCSA tour and what the future holds for it. Tons of amazing photos as usual and loads of interesting… Continue »
Brandon Sears and Paulo Prietto
Posted 08 May 2010

62 Minutes at West Street

Paulo Prietto, Tim Fulton, Brandon Sears and friends enjoying an afternoon session at West St. Shot over the course of a 62 minute lunch break. Skimboarders In This Video (In Order Of Appearance) Perry Wells (Zap) Brandon Sears (Exile) Paulo Prietto (Exile, EOS, Resistance) Tim Fulton (Apex) Continue »
Posted 04 May 2010

Adam Hayward’s New DVD The Box...

THE BOX is a movie that cannot be accurately described. It breaks no boundaries, because it was never bound. It is a tale of a boy moving about under the noses of ravenous beasts while he travels from Laguna beach to Florida, then to Chile, Brazil and the Dominican Republic, making mysterious stops in-between. The story is told chronologically and… Continue »
Posted 26 Apr 2010

Dashboard Skimboards Releases Their...

The movie is titled BIYD (Beleive In Your Dreams) and it is brought to you by Dashboard Skimboards. BIYD brings you an in depth look at the current progression of flatland skimboarding. The DB Skimboards team pulls out all the stops when it comes to technical tricks, and professional filming. BIYD brings you banger after banger, you won’t be disappointed. Continue »
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