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Austin Keen Cabo Clasico Skimboard Contest
Posted 23 May 2014

Austin Keen Wins The 2014 Cabo Clasico...

By Aaron Peluso Last weekend 37 of the best pro skimboarders in the world converged upon Cabo San Lucas for the annual Cabo Clasico.  This year’s pro field was particularly ‘international’ drawing competitors from Portugal, Brazil, Hawaii, mainland USA, and of course… Mexico.  However the country list doesn’t do justice to just how diverse this competition was.  Brazil’s top riders… Continue »
Posted 29 Mar 2014

Leandro Azevedo Wins Sununga

Words:  Anothony Liuizi Photos: Corinne Conklin Sununga Day 3 & 4 Three waves to win…win or lose, friends for life! Heat after heat and the athletes keep getting sider after sider. The audience is blown away at their maneuvers and rides after each completion as they navigate back to the sand. How do they do it! The level of Skimboarding… Continue »
Posted 19 Oct 2013

Austin Keen Wins Oktoberfest &...

By Aaron Peluso The 2013 Oktoberfest competition will go down in history as one of the most memorable skim competitions ever.  This year the stars aligned from so many angles it was simply magical.  For those who were there, you know what I am talking about.  For those of you who weren’t, you blew it…  simple as that. Balboa really lights… Continue »
Posted 05 May 2013

The UST Sununga World Cup Of...

By Aaron Peluso I attended my first skimboard contest back in the early 1980’s.  Since that time I have attended hundreds of skimboarding events over 25+ years.  West coast events, east coast events, international events…  I have seen a lot of competitions.  In all that time, I have never seen anything quite as awesome as the 2013 Sununga competition.  In… Continue »
Austin Keen Skimboarding
Posted 12 Oct 2012

Austin Keen Wins Oktoberfest –...

By Aaron Peluso Orange county CA was in rare form the week leading up to the 8th Annual Exile/Main St. Oktoberfest.  Pumping 4-6 foot South swell that wouldn’t end came together flawlessly with 90 degree weather making for some of the best skimming of the entire year in Southern California.  Expectations were high for the weekend event that would take… Continue »
Sam Stinnett Wins The 2012 Cabo Clasico
Posted 24 May 2012

Sam Stinnett Wins The 2012 Cabo Clasico

By Aaron Peluso 2011 UST champ Sam Stinnett started off the 2012 season right by taking the top spot at stop #1 on the 2012 UST Tour. For the first time ever the contest took all three days of the waiting period to run as the wind in Cabo this year was unusually strong. Heats ran in the first few… Continue »
Exile Skimboards Mainland Mexico
Posted 30 Jun 2011

Exile Mainland Mexico Mini-Movie

In February of 2011 some of the new generation of Exile Skimboards riders ventured down to mainland Mexico to search out some new waves and ride them the way they beg to be ridden. Thousands of dollars, thousands of miles and countless hours later, they scored. Sam Stinnett and Blair Conklin battled continuously for the wave of the trip. Who… Continue »
Posted 29 May 2011

SkimOnline Spring Mix

Just in time for summer, we’ve put together an edit using some leftover clips site owner Aaron Peluso has filmed over the past few years. This video features footage of the world’s best riders doing what they do best and is edited by Olivier Harrault (Groovy Baby) who always puts together the sickest edits. Check out the cameo appearance by… Continue »
Cabo Contest Setup
Posted 23 May 2011

Cabo Clasico 2011

The 2011 Cabo Clasico contest took place during a giant south swell for the second year in a row.  Unlike last year, the decision was made to throw caution to the wind and hold the event at Solmar, one of the most exposed beaches in the region.  It turned out to be a good decision. Wind was a problem this… Continue »
Posted 18 Apr 2011

Kalemba Skim: Angola

Most people in the skimboarding community would never expect to see their sport reaching the developing nations of Africa. Surprisingly, there is a group of young children in Angola, a country on Africa’s Southwestern coast, who have taken to the beach to skimboard. The ‘boards’ they use are not something most people would consider a skimboard. They use whatever they… Continue »
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