Choosing a Skimboard

People often send me an email asking me what board is right for them. The answer is that I don’t know. Even if I knew them and knew how they skimmed it would be hard for me to choose a board that they would like. There are simply too many factors for another person to be able to accurately tell you what kind of board you are going to like best. Only you can choose the right board for yourself. In this section I will tell you how to do it.

Know What You Want

Before you even go shopping you should know what you want. As a trip to the board design section will tell you, different board characteristics have predictable results on how the board performs. Get to know these different design factors and get an idea of what you want based on how you ride and how you would like to ride.

Know What is Available

Your next step should be getting to know what is out there. There are quite a few manufacturers out there and none of them are the best for everyone. Check out the buyer’s guide for my general thoughts on the different board manufacturers. Keep in mind though that I am just one person with one opinion. There are certainly others who will disagree with me. Try to get other people’s input. One good way to do this is to use the message boards.

Make Your Decision

Keeping in mind what you have learned and make an informed decision. If you are serious about skimboarding I always recommend getting the board you think is best regardless of price. Remember, you will probably be riding this thing for over a year. If the board you really want costs $100 more, that works out to under 28 cents a day. I think you can afford that right? Now stop reading this and go get yourself a board!