Skimboarding Equipment

Don’t forget to check out the Skim School section.

  • Buyer’s Guide – Skimboard manufacturer comparisons as well as information about other skimboarding related products.
  • Board Design – Information about the different aspects of skimboard design and how each aspect affects your boards performance.
  • Building Your Own Skimboard – Most of what I know about building both wood and foam skimboards. Be sure to read this before you start buying materials!
  • Skimboard Care – Taking care of your skimboard can extend its useful life. Here are some important tips.
  • Choosing a Skimboard – Outlines the steps to take when choosing a new skimboard.
  • Skimboard Size – Are you confused about what size board to get? This section should clarify things a little.
  • Ding Repair – More than you wanted to know about repairing your board.