The Importance of a Tidebook
Tides are probably the single most important thing affecting your day to day skim sessions yet most skimboarders pay little or no attention to the tides. If you like to ride waves or at least want to try to ride waves, you need to go to the beach at high tide, the waves “always” break closer to shore at high tide. Likewise, if you want only to ride on the sand, you want to go to the beach at low tide. More sand is always exposed at low tide which provides for longer rides. The moral of the story is, go out to your local surf shop and pick up a tidebook! And one more thing, I recommend getting one with a chart that plots the tide as it moves up and down as opposed to one with just numbers because they can be extremely confusing.

If you are going on a trip somewhere or are just too cheap to buy a tidebook (about a dollar max) you can get tide predictions for most places in the world at the WWW Tide/Current Predictor