Intermediate Tricks

Headstand This move is probably very easy if you already know how to do a headstand.  For the rest of us however, it is a little difficult to do a headstand on our living room floor, more or less a moving skimboard.  I have only seen headstands performed on sand.  I suppose they could be performed on water but besides being extremely hard I would see it as being very dangerous because you could hit a bump in the wave, or the wave itself, thereby inducing a large shock to your neck and possibly breaking it.  Performing it is fairly straight forward.  Just stand on the back of your board while sliding on the sand.  Then lean over and put your head down in the middle of the board.  When you are ready kick up your feet and support yourself with your hands on the skimboard if necessary.  Be very careful not to hit the water (or anything else!) because it could really hurt your neck.  This can be done in combination with 360’s and Kanai Sharsh has been known to win contests with this move (when there aren’t any waves)
Flips Do a flip, charge right at a wave and jump right when you reach the top.  When you jump either tuck your head, or arch you back to do a front-flip or a back-flip.  This is a sort of variation on the “flyaway” listed in the beginner moves section.
Frontside or
Down the Line
A backside or frontside “down the line” (liner) is when you approach the wave moving in one direction and after turning off of the wave continue in the same direction.  The main thing that makes “liners” easy is running at an angle to the water line.  The more parallel to shore you run, the less drastic your turn off of the wave has to be, and therefore, the more speed you have on the wave. ___________________________________________________________________
Floater A floater is when the rider rides up onto the top of a breaking wave and then “jumps” back down in front of the whitewater.  Floaters can be fairly easy or very hard depending on the wave.  They are included in the intermediate section because this is a point when you should start trying them. ___________________________________________________________________
Wrap A wrap starts just like a “liner” except after you turn off of the wave you come back towards the point you started running from.  Backside wraps are much easier, and more common than frontside wraps.  Wraps can be much more than an “intermediate move” depending mainly on whether they are frontside or backside and how big/powerful the wave is.“Skimming 201″ is a Tutorial On How To Do a Wrap