Advanced Tricks

Aerial An aerial is a move where the skimboarder launches into the air, keeping the board under their feet and then lands back on or in front of the wave.  Aerials can be either frontside or backside and usually occur when the skimboarder launches off the lip, soaring over the top of the wave.  If the skimmer doesn’t launch off part of the wave but merely ‘ollies’, that doesn’t count, sorry…  Skimming 301 is a tutorial on how to do an Aerial
Aerial Shuvit Doing a shuvit while doing an aerial.  Although you can do these straight off the back of the wave, it does not count as an advanced maneuver unless you land and keep on riding.
360 Aerial A 360 Aerial is just like a regular aerial except the skimboarder spins 360 degrees with his board while in the air.  You have to land back on the wave or in front of the wave.  Landing behind the wave doesn’t count.