Sam Stinnett Wins in OBX

Posted 20 July 2014   2014 News, 2014 Photos, News, Photo Content, UST News

By Shawn Kenny

Sunshine, sunshine, it’s fine, I feel it my skin, warming up my mind.  Day 2 was the polar opposite of day 1.  Wind was offshore but more importantly the sun was shining! Quarterfinals were pretty stacked the one that sticks out the most in my mind was quarter B:  Blair Conklin, John Joyce, Morgan Just and Dave Scott.  I was glad I was not judging because it was a close one!  Blair had a few lofty fronside airs that landed him a spot in the semifinals with Morgan coming in second.  There was a rip current on the north side of the contest zone creating the only peak in the zone.  As the tide filled in the conditions got worse and worse.  The trough got ugly and the swell quickly dissipated with the offshore wind for the semifinals and final.  I missed the semis because I was three-quarters of a mile up the beach catching waves to myself. (Sorry Peluso) The 5th and 6th skim off was primarily a technical heat.  Mo Just had a few switch and Austin had a sick frontside 3 shuv reentry and was able to prevail.  The final consisted of Blair Conklin, Perry Pruitt, Sam Stinnett and Jackson Tenney.  The final was just as technical as the 5th and 6th skimoff! 3 shuvs on the way out, off the lip, out the back and back to shore.  Jack was going for huge shuv it grab variations out the back but couldn’t quite get any back under his feet. Blair had a few wrap to variations of big spins, 3 shuvs and 180s.  Local boy Perry found himself a few barrels and a huge wrap to airdrop.  Sam was able to find the diamonds in the rough! It was pretty close between the three but Sam pulled out the win which his second in a row! This win will narrow the lead that Austin Keen has to less than one hundred points! Will the world tour come down to Oktoberfest again this year? You can be the judge of that. Jackson Tenney won the SkimUSA pro tour landing him a 1000 dollar check!  The gnome which is given to the best trick in a 15 minute expression session was won by Jake Luke who landed a benihana.  Willy Cunard won the 32 competitor semi-pro division, selected to go pro and pocketed 800 dollars.  Welcome to the ranks Willy!

Mens Pro

  1. Sam Stinnett
  2. Perry Pruitt
  3. Blair Conklin
  4. Jack Tenney
  5. Austin Keen
  6. Morgan Just

Womens Pro

  1. Casey Kiernan
  2. Brittany Osburn
  3. Sylvia Garavito
  4. Alexandra Badie