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Posted 29 Mar 2014

Leandro Azevedo Wins Sununga

Words: ¬†Anothony Liuizi Photos: Corinne Conklin Sununga Day 3 & 4 Three waves to win‚Ķwin or lose, friends for life! Heat after heat and the athletes keep getting sider after sider. The audience is blown away at their maneuvers and rides after each completion as they navigate back to the sand. How do they do it! The level of Skimboarding… Continue »
Sam 2014 Featured
Posted 26 Mar 2014

Sununga Day 1 & 2

Words by Anthony Liuzzi Photos by Corinne Conklin DAY ONE – Monday 3/24 The energy in Ubatuba Brazil is something that new visitors find nearly unexplainable. The skies cleared and the sun rose on March 24, 2014. The big day for the first stop of the United Skim Tour had arrived and what a better place to do so in…. Continue »