The 5th annual Gorgonitas Skim Contest

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Posted 21 January 2014   2013 Photos, Media, News, Photo Content
Words by Sergio Gil ‘Shein’
Translation by Eric Cestari

Months of work was put in to enjoy this big Saturday morning.  As the staff worked on building up the stands, the first skimmers started to arrive to glassy conditions and small but long liners.  The day started cloudy and a little cold, but the slope soon became full of skimmers along the edge of the beach.  More than 40 competitors (between open, juniors and girls) filled their entry forms out and joined the competition, with a little delay, as usual.  Everything was running perfectly until at 10 am when the wind began to blow, which chopped up the sea and closed out the once long liners.

As the day continued on, the conditions became worse and worse; but competitors such as Afonso Ruiz, Martí Avilés, Hugo Santos, Juanlu González, Adrián Clavijo, Lluís Mateos or Victor Fernandes showed that they could make the best of the conditions and make it to the final rounds.  After some doubts about the decision to continue the event on Saturday, the judges chose to delay the rest of the contest until the following day.

 The next day the sun shined and the competition was great.  Afonso, pure talent, showed on his first wave of the semifinal why he holds his nickname which is  “European Conklin”, who road practically a perfect wave.  Martí, Hugo and Juanlu caught similar waves to push them into the final while the rest of semifinalist fought for 5th place, which went to local Lluís Mateos.

The juniors finals were extremely close.  Jan Borràs, a 12 year old skimmer won the junior final ahead of Román Rey and Sebas Zamorano (which ended in a tie by points and was decided by the best wave, in favor of Román) and Carles Pinyol, who finished fourth despite also having a great heat.

In the girls final, everything was even more difficult for the judges, because the difference between first and fourth place was just four tenths of a point. María Conde “Xoxe” won thanks to a sixth wave.  The girls really stepped up and provided some inspiration to future girl skimboarders, who are sure to be coming in the future and who will be screaming that skimboarding is not just a men’s sport.  A++ for the 4 of them.

Finally, the open final, which was with out a doubt quite incredible.  The conditions were a little more tailored for the regular footers and while Afonso and Martí controlled regular waves, Hugo “The Legend” Santos, looked for far out waves, while Juanlu waited for the perfect wave. The heat was coming to an end and the pressure was on.  Juanlu couldn’t find a good wave which would have given him a high enough score to win and the other three battled for the championship. Martí was declared the winner with 7.33 points, in front of Afonso (7.31) and Hugo (7.08).

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