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Crunch Time
Posted 21 November 2013   2013 News, 2013 Videos, Archived News, Media, News, Video Content

Words by George Bryan
Photo by Bill Bryan

Crunch Time features a years worth of journeys across steep beaches, green water, and great waves. As the swells rolled in, the crew continued to raise their game and their glasses. You know the saying, “high tide, low tide, we ride.” Many hours were spent running up and down the world’s best beaches because that is what skimboarders do with their money- spend it all on getting waves. Tubes were being threaded and captured, sometimes even while riders were unaware that a camera was perched atop the same tree they were seeking shade from.

The Crunch Time crew is deep and well connected. Bill Bryan, the godfather, for years has traveled with his instincts and his camera. So when he went to the East Coast, it was no surprise that he ran into Brad Domke, a winch, and a groomed hurricane swell. The frontside lines were clean and reminiscent of his road trip earlier in the year to Santa Cruz. Here, Bill met with Corey Ryan and friends, to rip Trees, Rockies, and even some sidewash.

Austin Keen is so stoked on skimming it’s almost contagious. It seems like the vibes and waves are always on point when he’s around. The solag sessions with homies Brandon Sears, and Sam and Jake Stinnett, are what it’s all about: Jokes, airs, and bigger airs.

Blair Conklin, aka Hasselhoff, was running the beaches and the crowds this summer down at 10th and Aliso. Smooth, clean, and with guys like Tim Fulton and Mo Just, even inventing a few new tricks. Skimmers pushing the level of others every time they skim.

I, George Bryan, am the main man behind the lens. My many trips to Mexico allowed me to have incredible times and waves with Mexico’s best. Melaque was a magical trip with lines that wedge at head high and run down the beach. Cabo was also a paradise, but made up of waves that were far more heavy and hollow. Filming the world’s best in those conditions is insane. And as you might guess, hitting Newport, Wedge and getting tubed is what I did in my part. This and making videos with my friends is what I enjoy most. I hope you enjoy it too.

Tenth Street Bros, Crunch Time, can be found at your local skim shop and on iTunes here.

Crunch Time – starring:
Brad Domke
Sam Stinnett
Brandon Sears
Austin Keen
Bill Bryan
George Bryan
Corey Ryan
Blair Conklin
Jaime Martinez
Alejandro Garcia
Juan Carlos
Zoltan Torkos