Cabo – A Skimmers Paradise

Cabo cover photo
Posted 04 November 2013   2013 News, Archived News, Media, News, Photo Content

By George Bryan

Cabo – A skimmers paradise, that’s all she was.
Foriegn sand filled with shorebreak slabs in all types of shapes and sizes. Warm and inviting almost year round and beaches that face in most any direction. It’s legacy to hold powerful well shaped waves has been well documented throughout the years. I feel lucky for the number of times I have made the retreat to Cabo to skim, visit friends, and enjoy the ‘no bad days’ lifestyle. This week I returned from Cabo for the third time this year with more unreal experiences and shared some of my photos with skimonline. Then it was time to write something down so I guess we’ll catch up on what I’ve been doing down there.

The first trip I made to Cabo this year was in May for the Cabo Classico contest. The trip is always fun because it’s your typical skimboard all day, party all night trip with the crew. It was nice to see that this year had a huge mix of people from everywhere from France to Brazil to Dirty Jersey to Hawaii. The Mexican skimmers have been on the same level for awhile now, but it’s cool to see the younger crew getting bigger and better. The level is always pushed by a contest in big waves; always a good trip for getting good footage. Solmar pumped wraps all week and the evening glass off sessions, which are the go-to in Cabo, were good. I was stoked to watch the footage that Bill shot with the new GoPro mount in his mouth. Felt like I pulled my first Beaker wrap.

The second time that I went down to Cabo this year, I had a job editing the webcast for the Zippers surf conest in June. I got to hang with the local crew, and Steel Pulse finished the week by playing a show on the beach. Mason Ho was surfing Lovers and classic times were had at Toby’s that you can see on the …Lost site. The best part was skimming a few epic sessions under the Arch. The locals used to say that there is only sand in the Arch every 7 years through some natural phenomenon. People have gone to Cabo for many years and have never been lucky enough to walk through the Arch. Lately, it seems like it has been happening a bit more often. Local skimmer, Eloy Lino, and I were able to get some good clips for Crunch Time. Enjoying a few epic days out there was so nice.

The third time I made it down this year was this week and is in the photos. I went down to just enjoy some waves and relax. My good friend Ivan Ashauer got a ticket the day before we left and provided the laughs and some nice photos and video. Everyday, there were offshore sunrises, good times skimming and playing with cameras, followed by belly laughs, tacos, and cold drinks. Guess I would just say thank you to the Cabo family and my sponsors for supporting me. You can check out the rest of the photos on