Sam Stinnett Wins the 2013 Florida Pro/Am – UST Stop #6

Words by Michael Kilcullen
Photos by Benjamin Lucas

Skimmers arriving at Main Beach on Friday morning found the usual goodness – favorable swell direction and wind, adequate sand placement, an incoming tide, and increasing hype. Pro heats kicked off in the afternoon earls, catching the tide and conditions as they began their journey away from the contest zone. The majority of skimboarders north of the contest area enjoyed a short lag in the outgoing tide’s doings, as well as an uncomplicated view of international, East Coast, Gulf Coast, and West Coast competitors giving it hell.

Day 2 showed up looking slightly less attractive – like most of us – and the best was made of it. High tide delivered makeable a-frames to the competitors, while the free skimming area seemingly shifted to the south of it all. Weekenders watched as Derek Shenton concluded a liner with a motion-retardant backside 180, Perry Pruitt complimented backside wraps with helicoptering tech, and Austin Keen, Brad Domke and Sam Stinnett boosted huge, tweaked, airs that made lifeguards’ hind areas tense up. Overall, the second day’s pro heats had most spectators stoked and ready to stylishly charge something new.

The final day of the Vilano Pro Am tested competitors’ ability to find reachable waves amongst the freshly larger northeast swell and onshore winds. . Most divisions proceeded with a vast amount of tech before and after white water rebounds. Notably, the pro semi-finals and finals were moved just north of the contest area, where the waves broke a noticeably better. This made for an interesting feel, as distractions lessened entirely and the surrounding crowd stood, focusing solely on the final bouts. Sam Stinnett and Mo Just found their heat’s longest lines, while Austin Keen and Shenton picked off backside wraps. In the end, Sam Stinnett’s ability to read seemingly impossible waves and skillfully maneuver about them, as if he’s impartial to meager conditions, earned him a second consecutive Vilano win. A fun weekend altogether, and shout out to Steve, the RDS crew, countless sponsors, and everyone else that made this event possible.



1st – Sam Stinnett

2nd – Morgan Just

3rd – Austin Keen

4th – Derek Shenton

5th – Brad Domke

6th – Perry Pruitt


Miscellaneous Notes:

Casey Kiernan took the Women’s Pro division. Mo Just won best trick. Jed Currington won GrandMasters/is the youngest of old men.