Breaking Into Florida Summer

Words & Photos by David Behar, Video by Marco Arroyo

 Summer for a skimboarder in South Florida means heat, rain, and flatness. So when a 4’ groundswell with offshore winds spanning five days shows up on the forecast, it does not go unnoticed. Firing waves bombarded the East Coast of Florida for arguably the best swell of the year. Spots from Vilano to Fort Lauderdale were all lighting up, but one wave stood out.

A wrap can be found on any good swell, but a decent line is not as easy to come by. So South Floridians and Gulf Coasters alike took to a city dominated by Bentleys and $30 burgers. A wonderland of luxury and point breaks nestled between Jupiter and Deerfield. A short walk past beautifully groomed hedges and multimillion dollar homes takes you to one of the finest waves Florida has to offer.

For five straight days, the sun shined, the wind blew west, and the waves reeled. The morning and evening high tides brought the best conditions, but fun skim was had all day. Crystal blue lines exploded off the rocks and barreled down the umbrella-adorned sand. You could pull tech or just hang out in the pocket. There was a wave for every riding style and plenty to go around. The swell left behind sunburn, soreness, and stoke from an unforgettable May session.