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Posted 31 May 2013

Teddy Vlasis Wins 2013 Cabo Clasico...

By Aaron Peluso The 2013 UST Cabo Clasico will go down in my mind as the best one yet.  The event was held over three days from May 24 – May 26 in solid Cabo San Lucas shorebreak.  Wind was a problem throughout the weekend so scheduling was very important to try and get the best conditions.  This year the… Continue »
Breaking Into Florida
Posted 30 May 2013

Breaking Into Florida Summer

Words & Photos by David Behar, Video by Marco Arroyo  Summer for a skimboarder in South Florida means heat, rain, and flatness. So when a 4’ groundswell with offshore winds spanning five days shows up on the forecast, it does not go unnoticed. Firing waves bombarded the East Coast of Florida for arguably the best swell of the year. Spots… Continue »
Posted 25 May 2013

2013 South Side Shoot out

With summer right around the corner Skim USA and Alley-Oop are preparing for one of the best skimboarding events in the world: The 2013 South Side Shootout. Through the combined effort of Alley-Oop and Skim USA the Shootout has become a major stop on professional skimboarding’s United Skim Tour.  Every year it attracts 20-30 of the top pros in the… Continue »
Posted 24 May 2013

Alley-Oop Skim: Late Summer Hurricane...

Check out a video of the Alley-Oop crew  skimboarding in Delaware during a nice late summer hurricane swell September 2012. Riders featured are Jason Wilson, Joey Vavala, Tony Bianchi, Dave Bracht, Jamie Celano, Patrick Monigle, and Bill Baxter. The Grinch towing Winch by Distortion was used for the tow in waves. For more info on Alley-Oop check out Continue »
Tim Fulton
Posted 23 May 2013

CMNTY Day in the Life of Tim Fulton

CMNTY recently released a flip book that follows Tim Fulton in the days before his trip to the first stop on the UST in Brazil.  Click here to view it.   Continue »
Posted 21 May 2013

UST Stop #1 Video Sununga World Cup of...

This April the United Skim Tour held it’s first skimboarding competition in Sununga Brazil. Everything came together flawlessly as the top skimboarders in the world took on some of the best contest conditions ever. Click on HD and watch the video to see for yourself!   Continue »
Posted 21 May 2013

Mov Skimboarding Film...

This is a teaser for the new Skimboarding film “MOV 2: Drive”, due for release this Spring on DVD. “It’s magical” -Pierce Brosnan Music by Nathan Lanier   Continue »
Posted 18 May 2013

Alabama Rising Video

Words by Colton Wallace In the past 10 years the skimboarding scene in Alabama has had its slow but steady rise. With the help of Johnny McElroy, owner of local shop Blonde Johns, it has become more than a scene, but an every day opportunity. Over the past 4 years, the teams travels have included New Jersey to Florida, over… Continue »
Posted 05 May 2013

The UST Sununga World Cup Of...

By Aaron Peluso I attended my first skimboard contest back in the early 1980’s.  Since that time I have attended hundreds of skimboarding events over 25+ years.  West coast events, east coast events, international events…  I have seen a lot of competitions.  In all that time, I have never seen anything quite as awesome as the 2013 Sununga competition.  In… Continue »