Preston Rose Photographer Profile

Tell us some basic information about yourself?
My name is Preston Rose. I am 23 and love shooting skim! I’ve been surfing for 10-11 years and skimming for about half that.

What tools do you use?
I’m rockin a Canon 60d with a housing made by Chad Stickney (HCW Waterhousings) and a Elan7 in a Kobitech housing. The lens set up depends on the waves and conditions. If I’m going to shoot big hollow waves and sit in the impact zone, its always the Tokina 10-17 fisheye. For everything else I have a small range of telephotos starting with the 40mm and 50mm for sitting in the channel, 85 and 70-200mm with extenders if I’m down the beach. Any video I do is with the GoPro usually.

What settings do you like or use?
I shoot at a higher iso than most guys I know, allowing me to get a faster shutter speed. My go to for in the water on a bright day is ISO 320, shutter speed 1600 and aperture is usually around 8, although I adjust it accordingly (not as important with the fisheyes extreme depth of field). Unlike most guys with the fisheye lens, I use AI focus instead of taping it down.

How do you try and show skimboarding the way you want it to be seen?
The first time I saw skimboarding was as a grom while surfing wedge. George Bryan was out and charging and I was blown away. The sport is so underground that I really want to portray its extremes. I want people to see it and go “thats on a SKIMBOARD?!”

Any photography education?
OCC has an amazing photography program, but I have learned the most by getting passionate about photography. I’ve spent countless hours researching different techniques and applying them to get unique looks.

Favorite subjects?
Wave riders! Obviously I lean towards skimming, but if someones charging, I’m not gonna pass it up. Some of my best shots are body boarders going mental.
Also scenery and landscapes. If you look at a photo and feel anything other than “meh” I’m doing it right.

What motivates you?
I get more stoked on some pics than the riders half the time. If I get a good shot, Im proud of it and love sharing them with the community.

Who influences you?
No single person per say. The great thing about photography is every one has a different style and I can appreciate a new perspective/look because everyone does it differently.

Where can we see your work?
No site yet, just on my facebook or follow my instagram @rightfootfirst (warning, half my post are pics of my dog). I have also had a few shots published in various skim mags (A Foreverskim cover, Skimboard Magazine cover, and several East Coast Skimboards ads).

What is your favorite picture that you have taken?
Its always changing, never really can decide on just one.

What are some words of wisdom to photographers getting started?
Don’t be afraid to try new things and always keep your mind open for new ideas. If your shooting in the water, it’s good to know the wave and currents first. Most of the time when you’re shooting riders in the water, it’s a fine line between being sucked over and getting the shot, so be prepared to take a beating.

Where can people contact you?
On the beach! If you see me shooting don’t be afraid to walk/swim up and chat. Facebook and email I check once a day. It’s

Any final words?
Thanks for having me! I look forward to shooting more this summer! If ya see me swimming out there, charge it and get as close as possible!

Thanks for your words and your excellent photos Preston.  Keep charging both behind the lens and on your skimboard.