An Interview with Perry Pruitt

Perry Pruitt is an up and coming professional who did exceptionally well during his inaugural year on the United Skim Tour.  We sat down with Perry and discussed his year on tour and his plans for the future.  You can read the discussion bellow.

SO: Tell the world of skimboarding about yourself.  How old are you?  How long have you been skimming?  Where are you from? Who do you ride for?

PP: I’m 17 years old and have been skimming for about 7 years.  I’m from Kitty Hawk, NC and I ride for Exile, Skimcity, Freak, and Mostic.

SO: When did you turn pro?

PP: I turned pro this May in Cabo. I didn’t do as well in the contest as I would have liked to but I definitely had the time of my life.  Such an epic trip.

SO: You won a professional contest during your first year competing as a pro, that’s pretty extraordinary.  How do you feel about your first professional win?

PP:  Winning a contest my first year pro was probably the best feeling ever.  I was 16 at the time and all my friends were reminding me of how corey hanks won the contest when he was 16 and now it was my turn. I nonchalantly  agreed thinking nothing of it until i made it to the final.  I was surrounded by all my family and friends from school who came out to support me and I just wanted to do my best in front of everyone.

SO: It seems like your skimboarding abilities have grown two folds since 2011.  Did you train a lot more this past year?

PP: I definitely skimmed a lot more this year then previous years.  The waves in NC this summer were really fun and there was something to ride almost everyday so I was out there as often as I could get off work.  I definitely need to thank Cobert Wells for dragging me out of bed every morning to go skim no matter the conditions.  I for sure would have missed some of the best days if it wasn’t for him hahaha.  Thanks Cobez

SO: Blair Conklin and yourself really seem to push each other.  Tell us about your relationship with Blair.  How did you two first meet?

PP: Blair Conklin has been one of my best friends since i was 12 or 13, and his family is more than a second family to me.  I met Blair at the Vic on the first day and after the second or third day of knowing him, we had already planned a trip for me to come back out to California and stay with him and his family.  He has been like a brother to me since then, but at the same time influenced me more than any other skimboarder.  Surprisingly when we skim together it’s not really about trying to be better than one another, but having fun and catching good waves.  Contests on the other hand…

SO: What are your future skimboarding goals and goals outside of skimming?

PP: My goals in skimboarding are to try to make the sport more well known and more understood. I can’t stand it when I tell someone I’m a skimboarder and they think that everyone still rides wooden skimboards parallel to the shore.  When really skimboarding has progressed so much from then yet nobody seems to notice.  I think that it would be really cool to see skimboarding as big as surfing or skating one day, it definitely has the potential.  My goals outside of skimming are to graduate high school in January and move to California soon after. I”m probably going to attend community college for 2 years and eventually transfer to a 4 year college.

SO: You placed 6th on the United Skim Tour during your rookie year, a very impressive feat.  What are your plans for the off season and how are you preparing yourself for your second year on tour?

PP: My plans for the off season are really just to skim as much as possible when it’s warm out and prepare for the upcoming season. To prepare for the upcoming year I have been skimming as often as I can and when conditions aren’t favourable I try to at least skate or do something board-related.