Kure Beach

kb pier1
Posted 03 November 2012   North Carolina

Best Season: Summer and Fall

Best Swell Direction: ESE for wraps, S or NNE for liners

Best Wind: WNW for wraps, SW or NNW for liners

Best Tide: Usually the best at high, but sometimes in the summer mid tide is best.

Mainly holds Knee-Thigh but on the best days can hold up to stomach


Kure Beach Pier: This is where you should check first as it is usually the best. Mainly in the summer and early fall, liner spots offering rights will set up on the North side of the pier and occasionally on the South side of the pier. Usually the North side of the pier is the best but when it is bad, the South side of the pier can be fun.

Riggings: This spot is very unique and is right in back of an apartment complex that might as well be in the ocean. This spot changes just about every day and there is no real way to predict what will happen to the beach there. It mainly offers mushy, troughy white water along with a crazy slope but sometimes it will randomly get fun.

Cove 1: Just south of Riggings on the other side of the rocks. Can randomly get fun but the rocks and the lack of beach can be sketchy.

Cove 2: Just south of Cove 1 on the other side of the rocks. Similiar to Riggings, I’ve had a few decent days there but I’d only bother with it if nothing else is working.