HASL 2012 Exile Minishaka Shakedown

mini shaka
Posted 03 November 2012   2012 Photos, Exile Skimboards News, Media, News, Photo Content

Story by Erik Covarrubias

Aloha from the HASL finals 2012,

This year the HASL finals were held at Keawa’ula Bay AKA “YOKES”. The waves could not have been any better despite the rocky forecast. Light winds prevailed throughout the day, the sand was set up and there was plenty of swell in the water. The Pro heats were timed perfectly with the rising tide, large barrels were being had all day with lots of cheering from the beach. You can find the pictures at Hawaii Skimboarders on facebook. Contest results will also be posted on the Hawaii Amateur Skimboard League facebook page as well.

Men’s Pro

1st  – David Sterman

2nd  – Alejandro Lopez

3rd  – Chris Alreck


In the 22 & under division

1st  – Jon China

2nd  – Kris Mackovsky

3rd – Stephan Trimble


In the 23 & over division

1st – Ka’eo Milles

2nd – Irving Taba

3rd – Noal Peterson

For league points we drop the competitors lowest contest of the year and double the last contest’s points. With a Minishaka Shakedown win David Sterman got sent up to the top to become the HASL pro league champion for 2012, edging out Anthony “Ace” Conlon who finished 2nd for league points and Clark Camp who is the original HASL champ from 2009, who finished 3rd for the 2012 season.

Good job to these guys and the other advanced riders like Kyle “little man” Olson, Keith “party” Fowler, Sean McClenahan, & last year’s HASL champ Jesse Solomon fresh off a broken wrist. Most of these guys made all 5 contests this year at five completely different skim spots on Maui and Oahu. This is not an easy accomplishment and it’s good to see how involved our group out here is to make another good year happen.

This year could not have been possible without the support from Exile Skimboards, Maui Skimmers, Victoria Skimboards, Freak Traction, Wonderland Entertainment Group, Serg’s Mexican Kitchen, for the most favored prizes, Dirty Dog Eyewear, Keiao LLC for all the ads and t-shirt graphics & skimhawaii.com.

Mahalo again and we’ll see you next year!!