Gorgonitas Skim Contest 2012 – Barcelona, Spain

In early September, our friends from Gorgonitas skim held their annual championship.  After a whole week of ideal conditions, Saturday dawned cloudy, a little windy, and with much larger waves than what was originally forecasted.  This limited the possibilities of participating skimmers, with the large waves breaking far out. Despite the uncontrollable variable of weather, which kept spectators away, the Gorgonitas contest was still a great success.

OPEN championship result:
1. Martí Avilés (Hexa)
2. Lluis Mateos (Folha)
3. Xavier Mirabet (Dune)
4. Ernesto Molina
5. Alberto Naharro (Dune)
6. Marcel Tugnoli
7. Adri Hinojosa
8. Juan Carlos Rodríguez

Women’s championship result:
1. Mª José Conde ‘XOXE’
2. Mariona Bosch
3. Sandra Crespo
4. Cristina Pérez

Junior championship (12 and under) result:
1. Jan
2. Carles
3. Joshua
4. Hugo