Perry Pruitt Wins The OBX Skim Jam

Words by Woody Harris
Photos courtesy of

Day one of the OBX Skim Jam had similar conditions to the few days before the event. Which consisted of bountiful waist high wraps and liners. The competitors who shined the brightest on the first day were Perry Pruitt, Blair Conklin, Sam Stinnett, Brad Domke, Dave Scott, Brandon Sears, Morgan Just, and John Akerman.

Day two of the event held considerably different waves than the first days sizeable wrap barrels. The beach looked much more like the clear waters of the gulf coast town Navarre, Florida. The crystal green ocean produced knee high rollers that came from the south end of the contest area and peeled halfway through the marked off competitors area. The longer, more lined up regular wraps appeared to diminish most of the goofy footers hopes of making the top four, except Dave Scott; who powered his way through backside and frontside liners, throwing various tricks on his way back up the to the shoreline.

Jason Wilson proved that he is still a great force to be reckoned with in this event and future events to come. He blasted several inverted frontside rail grabs through powerful barreling shorebreak sections and was nabbing some solid wrap barrels all the way into the final.

Sam Stinnett, the powerhourse, pushed his way flawlessly into the final by scoring higher and higher totals in each heat, until he was marked down as one of the events final four.

During the heats prior to the final, the clear favorite was local boy Perry Pruitt. Who landed tricks most spectators had never even witnessed him pull in his many free skim sessions along the Outer Banks this summer, such as a 360 shuvit out to a liner, and then popped a modest backside 180 airdrop over the trough, landing smoothly on the sand below him.

The final was as close as I’ve ever seen one. Up until the last few minutes it was a four way tie in my mind. But once those last few minutes started striking on the clock, a new born rivalry between Sam and Perry turned on their afterburners. They proceeded to exchange score for score until the last seconded ticked by and the buzzer sounded off. Once the dust settled, the judges gave perry the nod, and his first professional victory.

1. Perry Pruitt
2. Sam Stinnett
3. Dave Scott
4. Jason Wilson
5. Brad Domke
6. Tim Fulton