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Posted 26 Mar 2012

Brandon Sears Wins In Melaque

Words by Luis Uribe, edited by Steve Taylor It’s been more than 8 years since the first contest that I (Luis Uribe) and Drew Peace organized in Melaque. By that time the international skimboarding scene did not know anything about this tiny town that is located in the middle of the jungle in Mainland Mexico. After the contest I couldn’t… Continue »
Posted 24 Mar 2012

NCSA Championship 2012

The 2012 NCSA Championship will be hosted by Skim City at the boardwalk at Indialantic, FL on April 14th. Registration is now open, sign up on the NCSA event page. Entry is $35 per competitor and the contest begins at 8am. New NCSA shirts will be available at the beach FREE for all NCSA members. If you aren’t an NCSA… Continue »
Posted 23 Mar 2012

AO Rider Wyatt Krapf Spreading the

Over the past year, Alley Oop team rider Wyatt Krapf has been going hard! He embodies the spirit of Alley-Oop with his passion for skimboarding and spreading the good vibes to whoever wants to ride with him. Since Wyatt joined the team, he has been representing Alley-Oop and skimming like a mad man. Recently, Wyatt’s been following the Alley Oop… Continue »
Posted 14 Mar 2012

Green Eggs and Am

The Green Eggs and Am contest series, presented by Steve Taylor and Paulo Prietto, will begin Saturday, March 24 at Balboa! The first stop has been postponed to the 24th due to predictions of rain and windy weather. There will be three divisions for riders – Loraxes (Beginners), Sneetches (Intermediate), and Grinches (Advanced) and heats will still start at 9:30am… Continue »
Posted 11 Mar 2012

Exile Skimboards 2012 Catalog

Exile Skimboards has released their 2012 catalog, featuring their full range of boards, apparel and more, including 24 pages of high quality photos of team riders. Continue »
Posted 10 Mar 2012

Zap in Brazil

The Zap team recently traveled to Sununga to meet up with Mega and score some fun waves. More swell is on the way so check Zap’s blog for more updates! Continue »
Posted 10 Mar 2012

Skim Dance Revolution 2012

When you consider everything it takes for a contest to be successful a lot of things have to come together. The weather has to cooperate, the format has to be right, and most importantly, people have to show up to it. While last year’s Skim Dance Revolution was a step in the direction of a non-traditional skim event, it left… Continue »