Bruno Sá joins Zap

Posted 09 January 2012   2012 News, News, Partner News, Zap Skimboards News

Zap welcomes Bruno Sá, their newest international Pro rider from Brazil, to the team!

He is one of the most talented and creative skimboarders in South America and maybe in the world. Bruno is young and ready to compete on the highest level. He is also the first brazilian skimboarder sponsored by Zap. Skimboarding is growing rapidly in Brazil and Zap believes this partnership will strengthen their international team. Check out the latest photos and video of Bruno skimming in his hometown Recife on Zap’s blog.




  1. Thats an awesome photo up there. Welcome to the family, Bruno! -ZAP-

    Posted by Zach Smetts on 09 January 12 at 3:35pm [Reply]
  2. Stoked dude. !!!

    Posted by tony on 09 January 12 at 9:14pm [Reply]
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      Posted by Tangela on 04 January 17 at 7:44am [Reply]
    • Lookin’ a bit too cheery there, James avatar. Still, we’re getting close to having an exemplary montage of Basil-face close-ups.   0 likes

      Posted by flo progressive commercial on 07 March 17 at 2:53am [Reply]
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  3. It took so long for a Brazilian to join any big skimboard team (as Zap, Exile and Victoria), anyway I am very happy to see a Brazilian in the team, downhere in Brazil skimboard doesn’t stop growing and we have a few really powerful beaches, as Sununga. Congrats Bruno! Parabéns!

    Posted by Artur Ferraz Martins on 10 January 12 at 7:08am [Reply]

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