Brad Domke Tow Session

Filmed in a single three hour session. Video by Dylan Palmer and Matt Kechele.




  1. sweet vid

    Posted by Taylor on 26 October 11 at 6:29pm [Reply]
  2. The most awesome skimboard tow session I’ve seen. I’ve seen a tow session by Paulo Prieto on bigger and more challenging waves, but I think he couldn’t get as technical as Brad. This one was just awesome.

    Greetings from Brazil!

    Posted by Artur Ferraz Martins on 27 October 11 at 8:12am [Reply]
  3. This is unreal. Sick Donkey!

    Posted by Jon Howell on 28 October 11 at 10:12pm [Reply]
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    Posted by Whit on 08 November 11 at 7:22pm [Reply]
  5. Super impressed, Brad you rip!

    Posted by Paul Wade on 07 December 11 at 11:35am [Reply]

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