Brad Domke Wins Vilano Pro / Am

Posted 21 August 2011   2011 News, 2011 Photos, Media, News, Partner News, UST News

Friday afternoon started off hotter than ever when a nearby BP station exploded into a giant fireball. The same couldn’t be said about the conditions for the 2011 Vilano Pro/Am, but that didn’t stop the stoke. Skim stickers on every other car, boards resting on hotel balconies, and sponsor tents scattered across the shore. One couldn’t cross the street without having their field of vision filled with skimboarding identity.

Saturday lacked waves but made up for it in vibes. With over 40 pros competing and live music from the band I-Vibes, Vilano Beach was the place to be. The beach was flat, the waves were far, and the wind was onshore. Tech was the key to winning this year. Virtually every variation of shuv-it was thrown along with nearly gravity-defying airs off practically nothing. Even after the sun went down there was still more skimboarding entertainment in store. At Beaches Bar and Grill, the latest 10th Street Bros movie, “Bringing the Vibes,” premiered.

The waves picked up a little bit on Sunday, but were still far from good. Most contestants were free skimming south of rocks, where the waves were actually breaking onshore. The pro finals held some of the best tech in the sport. Austin Keen threw 540 shuv-its on the way out with Brad Domke answering back with switch big spins down the line. In the end it was Domke taking home first with Austin in a close second.

Final Pro Results:

1st Brad Domke
2nd Austin Keen
3rd John Akerman
4th Dave Scott
5th Bill Bryan
6th Blair Conklin



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