Sam Stinnett Wins The Vic

By Aaron Peluso

The most competitive skimboard contest in the world went down this weekend under sunny skies and challenging small conditions.  This year marked the second year in which the contest was broadcast live on the Internet worldwide for all to see.  This year the video feed was accompanied by live narration which made the watching the feed all that much more enjoyable.  For those who missed it or are interested, all the heats are still available to watch, so its not too late to see the action for yourself.  Props to Victoria Skimboards for making this happen.  The live video feed is truly a great step in the right direction for skimboarding.

The event this year seemed to represent somewhat of a changing of the guard.  Big name established pros were present and competitive throughout all the rounds, but they often overshadowed by the young pros who seemed to catch the most attention each day.  Indeed, when it all came down to it, the final had four of the youngest pros I have ever seen at this event.  It was refreshing and exciting to be in new territory. 

Blair Conklin turned heads all weekend long reaching impossibly far out wraps mixed up with a tech prowess well beyond his sixteen years of age.  He wound up at a very respectable fourth place his first time skimming pro in the event.  Teddy Vlasis proved he was a force in this contest and on the tour in general by finding barrels and liners where others saw nothing.  He skimmed with a stylie smoothness all his own, and the judges took notice. 

After years of settling for semi final and quarter final placings, Jake Stinnett stepped up to the plate this year and didn’t let anyone throw a fastball by him.  Anyone who has seen Jake in a skim video knows he has the skills and this year he put them into competitive form, beating everyone in the world, save the one person he wouldn’t mind losing to.

Sam Stinnett isnt exactly a rookie on the tour, but at 19 years of age he is still a baby brother to Jake.  Sam took everything he has learned during a lifetime of growing up in the center of the skimboarding world, and put every drop of it to good use.  Round after round Sam was a standout, skimming well and importantly skimming smart.  He consistently reached the furthest out wraps, got the big scores and in between sets he got all the little scores to boot.  In the end, it was nothing short of a winning strategy.  For nearly two decades skimboarding has watched the brothers Bryan dominate the professional ranks.  Seeing the brothers Stinnett in first and second brought back some powerful memories for this old skimboarder.  It was a special moment for all who were there.

The top eight professionals were:

  1. Sam Stinnett
  2. Jake Stinnett
  3. Teddy Vlasis
  4. Blair Conklin
  5. Brad Domke
  6. Paulo Prietto
  7. Bill Bryan
  8. Brandon Sears




  1. Congrats to the winners… :)

    Posted by Rui Marinho on 18 July 11 at 6:58am [Reply]
  2. most fun contest i’ve been to

    Posted by lucassmarker on 18 July 11 at 8:25am [Reply]
  3. Its so cool to see these high quality photos after watching the contest with low res images. A great event to watch for sure! Thanks skimonline and vic!

    Posted by Drew Cornwall on 18 July 11 at 11:21am [Reply]
  4. felicitaciones to the Stinnett brothers! you really deserve it and thanks to Vic and skimonline for putting up such an awesome and professional event! You make such a big difference to the sport

    Posted by Pedro Di Palma on 18 July 11 at 8:54pm [Reply]
  5. Congrats to all finalists.
    Really good words Aaron!

    Posted by Gorgonitas Skim on 19 July 11 at 3:15pm [Reply]
  6. nice pic

    Posted by Iqmal Han on 27 July 11 at 10:06pm [Reply]

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