Photographer Profile: David Behar

Photographer: David Behar
Posted 21 July 2011   2011 News, 2011 Photos, Media, News, Photo Content

I started skimming when I was around 10-years-old but didn’t really get into it until I was about 13. I wanted to show my friends the waves I skimmed because I knew they wouldn’t believe Fort Lauderdale got above knee, so I got my first camera and started shooting in 2004. Soon I was having more fun taking photos than actually skimboarding.

My setup right now is a Canon 50D with 18-200mm Canon lens. I also own Canon AE-1 with 50mm f1.4 Canon lens, but that’s mainly for school. Cameras I’ve owned include a Nikon D80, D70, and Canon Powershot S2 IS.
I’m currently a staff photographer for ForeverSkim Magazine, which has been kind enough to run over 100 of my photos since 2007. Aside from that, my photos have been used for advertisements, contest flyers and just about everything in between. Exile Skimboards, Zap Skimboards, Skim Invasion, the National Collegiate Skimboarding Association, ForeverSkim Magazine, Skimboard Magazine, SkimOnline, a few local shops are a few of the companies that have published my work.

The most stoked I’ve been from a skim shot is either the FSM cover shot from issue #23 or the use of my photo in an Exile ad, which had some sweet compensation to go with it. Being nominated for Photo of the Year in the Skimboarder Poll Awards in 2007 was pretty awesome as well, even though I knew no photo could beat Ryon Graf’s Wedge shot of Paulo.




  1. wheres my photocred for that awesome portrait

    Posted by chrith on 21 July 11 at 1:16pm [Reply]
  2. Outstanding photos !!!!

    Posted by sundoc on 21 July 11 at 2:50pm [Reply]
  3. Outstanding photos !!!!

    Posted by sundoc on 21 July 11 at 2:50pm [Reply]
  4. Such great photos.

    Posted by Michael Morales on 06 August 11 at 6:32pm [Reply]

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