South Side Shootout 2011

By Brett Mahon

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!! A slight overcast set the “ominous” tone for the final day of competition at the Southside of the Indian River Inlet. Again, the dolphins and bluefish were active right outside the contest area, but unfortunately the swell had lost a little of its muster overnight from the offshore breeze. The wind hadn’t been a factor throughout the contest thus far and that would remain true through the final heats of the day. The professionals started the day off with some small scale punters surging into the contest area. The liners from the day prior were replaced with peaky, punchy, knee high waves creating a skate-inspired showdown. Some super serious competition broke off and when the dust finally settled, we were left with a 5th/6th skim off between Tim Fulton and Teddy Vlasis, and a stacked heat with Bill Bryan, Blair Conklin, Brad Domke, and Austin Keen in the finals. Tim and Teddy traded off new school trickery with some solid late-aerials from Mr. Fulton, while Teddy used his high-tech sorcery to find some contestable down-the-lines to below sea-level mini barrels. After the 12 minutes heat, Tim came up with the 5th slot.

The final was almost too much for this MC’s little eyes to handle; an absolutely incredible heat considering the conditions, with a few first-time maneuvers being performed. Beaker was charging switch more often than regular with an array of maneuvers. Austin Keen was working these little invisible liners and popping off huge down the line airs with precision and textbook lofty shuv’s. Blair was showcasing completely outrageous style, hucking around a few insane frontside and backside 360’s out the side with ease. Domke utilized his ridiculous switch skills to blast off a switch 540 shuv-it, switch bigger spin, and a switch frontside 360 shuvit, amongst a few other great waves throughout the heat.

At the end of the day, the $2,200 First Place Prize was awarded to Brad Domke, with Bill Bryan following him in 2nd Place, followed by Austin Keen and Blair Conklin respectively. Big shout-outs to the amateur rippers as well; there was great skimming throughout the weekend from Girls Division ripper Catherine Squillante, Boys winner Pat Monigle, Jr. Mens AND Semi-Pro king John Webber, Mens 1st place NJ ripper Chris Brown as well as local Dave Bracht keeping the Senior Mens trophy in Dewey.

Overall, aside from less than optimal conditions, the 5th Annual South Side Shootout was an incredible success, with killer skimmunity comradery, nice weather, and plenty of laughs and smiles being shared by everyone involved. The weekend ended in typical Dewey fashion with a straight up dance-off at Hammerheads. Hope to see you all again next year!

The next contest on the Skim USA tour will be the Sea Bright SkimBash on June 25th-26th in Sea Bright, NJ. The next contest on the UST will be the West Coast Championships on July 16th-17th in Laguna Beach, CA. Get stoked! 

Videos by Shawn Kenny and Alley-Oop Skim



Photos by Skylar Wilson



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