Exile Mainland Mexico Mini-Movie

In February of 2011 some of the new generation of Exile Skimboards riders ventured down to mainland Mexico to search out some new waves and ride them the way they beg to be ridden.

Thousands of dollars, thousands of miles and countless hours later, they scored.

Sam Stinnett and Blair Conklin battled continuously for the wave of the trip. Who won? You be the judge!

The Crew!
Sam Stinnett
Blair Conklin
Jake Stinnett
Isaac Zoller
Ken Suzuki
Perry Pruitt
Scott Stinnett
Luis Uribe
Aaron Peluso

Filming By: Scott Stinnett and Aaron Peluso
Editing By: Olivier Harrault




  1. Very good video, congrats.

    Posted by Nick on 30 June 11 at 8:30am [Reply]
  2. MASSIF!

    Posted by TRKYSUBB on 30 June 11 at 9:05am [Reply]
  3. What the heck is MASSIF Turkey?

    Posted by Aaron Peluso on 30 June 11 at 9:40am [Reply]
  4. do you guys have any pics from the trip??? i need a new wallpaper
    incredible video btw

    Posted by lucassmarker on 30 June 11 at 12:29pm [Reply]
  5. sick waves, rider style, and editing skills. I’m jealous of all 3 !

    Posted by Brad Evers on 30 June 11 at 7:46pm [Reply]
  6. hot damn that movie was sick haha! had to watch it a couple times already!

    Posted by brenton on 02 July 11 at 5:12am [Reply]
  7. ‎2:55 —2:59 best part and the winner is regis

    Posted by Jaime Martinez on 02 July 11 at 8:13am [Reply]
  8. sali ako

    Posted by Jaypee Flores on 03 July 11 at 5:22am [Reply]
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  9. sick video!
    really impressive

    Posted by Jason Bilik on 06 July 11 at 3:14pm [Reply]
  10. Hey Lucas, you can find some pics here:

    Posted by Aaron Peluso on 06 July 11 at 6:25pm [Reply]

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