Long Nook Beach

Posted 15 May 2011   Massachusetts, Spots, USA


  • WAVE TYPE: Powerful to playful shorebreak, solid rights
  • SWELL DIRECTION: Southeast
  • SWELL SIZE: Large swells during hurricane season generally work best
  • BEST TIDE: High tide on a big wave day, (5-8ft.)

Long Nook Beach is located on Cape  Cod. The beach in general is quite steep, waves break hard on the shore, and there are always two or three decent spots within 1/4 mi. on either side of the beach access (many more if you want to walk.)  East coast surf is irregular but the best waves come around storms, (most consistently during hurricane season.) Whenever the wind blows out of the east for at least a couple days there can be good waves too.  The skimming is best with little wind at mid to high tide in waves knee to a little bit over head high; any bigger and they break outside.  Most swell comes from the south east, wrapping around the edge of the cape and as a result there can be excellent rights, but there are plenty of places to go both ways because of the shifting sand.

  • DIRECTIONS: take route 6 (just about the only one) from the Sagamore Bridge out to the cape approximately 60 miles until you get to Truro. The Long Nook Rd is on your right. There aren’t any real landmarks but the town is real small and once you drive past the Truro exit keep an eye out on your right (the road is about 3 miles past the first Truro exit.) If you go past the Truro elementary school you have gone about 2 miles too far.  When you find it go down Long Nook Rd to the end  (2 or 3 miles) and you’re there.

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  1. “horse neck” beach in westport MA, decent spot and plenty of exploring around the main beach.
    “Newport” beach RI real flat has red tide slot but a good skimming spot

    Posted by Adam on 17 July 11 at 12:20pm [Reply]

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