Cabo Clasico 2011

The 2011 Cabo Clasico contest took place during a giant south swell for the second year in a row.  Unlike last year, the decision was made to throw caution to the wind and hold the event at Solmar, one of the most exposed beaches in the region.  It turned out to be a good decision.

Wind was a problem this year, to varying degrees. On the morning of day one, the wind was a no show and the competitors and attendees made the best of it.  As the contest was being organized upwards of 40 riders made the best of the sheet glass straight wave conditions.  Many of the best waves of the event were during the freeskimming session on day one.

As the initial heats got under way a slight breeze could be felt.  As the round progressed the slight breeze developed into a stiff westerly wind (sideshore).  This mixed things up for the competitors, but with many of the best riders in the world pushing their own personal limits, there were still plenty of waves to be had.  After the first round was over however, the call was made to break for the professionals until 5pm to see if the wind woul lie down in the evening.  Come 5pm however, the motivation level was low and the wind still strong.  The pros took a vote and decided to run the next heats in the morning.  That may or may not have been the best decision, since the wind did die down considerably shortly thereafter, resulting in good to epic conditions.  But what was done was done.  The freeskimming made up for it, for those who stuck around.

On Saturday morning the conditions were a good deal smaller, the sky was partly cloudy and the breeze was there, though not as strong as the day before.  With the second round of competition things really started to heat up as the three man heats were all stacked.  A few big names dropped out and a few relative unknowns made their way through by skimming solidly and consistently.  The change-up was refreshing.

The next round of competition had us down to four heats of three and every heat was a tight one.  In the end however, four of these guys would not make the cut, and then there were eight.  At this point the contest shifted to a man on man format, which is something pretty unique to Cabo, afforded by the lack of huge amateur divisions found in many other UST events.  There were some particularly interesting match ups. 

Mainland Mexico standout professional rookie Chopa was paired with Bill Bryan,the biggest name the sport has ever seen.  Down here in Cabo the crowd was clearly rooting for Chopa and for the initial minutes of the event, he clearly had the lead.  Chopa was linking up with very difficult to reach waves and riding them with skill beyond his years as Bill Bryan faltered on his first rides.  The crowd was going nuts.  Bill finally found what he was looking for in the form of a solid backside wrap followed by a textbook Beaker wrap on a head high frontside.  The crowd wasnt swayed as Chopa continued to rack up many solid scores.  In the end however, only three waves could count, and Bill found the the three he needed to make it to the next round.  Still, a solid performance by Chopa, what will surely be the first of many.

Sam Stinnett was paired with his older brother Jake Stinnett in a man on man battle for perhaps more than “just a trip to the finals”.  Jake continued his impressive performance while younger brother Sam waited patiently and in the end prevailed in a heat that was too close to call for this observer.  When I asked Sam about it after his heat he simply said with a smile “any way you cut it there will be a Stinnett in the finals”.  And so it was.

Isaa Zoller and Morgan Just squared off in a close heat with Morgan racking up many scores while Isaac searched for the big score.  When the opportunity came, Isaac came up short on the wave he would have needed to possibly grab a spot in the final four.

Finally Cabo San Lucas local Juan Carlos Nazario (bullo) took on three time UST champ Paulo Prietto.  Bullo took the lead early and never looked back demonstrating impressive skill and wave knowledge while veteran Paulo Prietto struggled to find a good score for the first time in the contest.

Then there were four.

Conditions for this round were not the best of the event but the skimboarding skill made up for it as each heat was too close to call for this observer.

First Bill took on Morgan, with Morgan getting the edge.  Next Sam Stinnett squared off agains Bullo with Sam somehow getting the waves the judges preferred.  Bill edged out Bullo for third in a man on man heat followed by the showdown between Sam and Morgan for first, with Morgan taking the heat and the contest.  Congtratulations to Morgan on his first Cabo win and Sam on his second consectutive runner up placing.

Final Results:

  1. Morgan Just
  2. Sam Stinnett
  3. Bill Bryan
  4. Juan Carlos Nazario (Bullo)
  5. Isaac Zoller
  6. Paulo Prietto
  7. Jake Stinnett
  8. Chopa

Thanks to the sponsors of the 2011 Cabo Clasico for their support again this year.

Victoria Skimboards
Exile Skimboards
Main Street Surf Shop
Lands End Skimboards
Freak Traction
Planeta Surf
Sea Eye Cabo San Lucas
Baja California Sur Secretary Of Tourism
Skim City
Sector 9

Article and Photos by Aaron Peluso




  1. I happened to be on vacation there last week (at Playa Grande Resort) and this was really cool to attend. Glad I got to watch you guys out there!! GOOD JOB!

    Posted by Rania on 23 May 11 at 9:49pm [Reply]
  2. Once again the clasico was a joke. It pains me that the powers that be feel this acceptable for an international contest

    Posted by Sean Ward on 24 May 11 at 6:33am [Reply]
  3. UST Cabo checklist

    No permits? check
    No PA system? check.
    No music? check
    Let competitor rewrite 1st round heats? check
    No local promoting? check
    Horrible judging? double check
    Minimal direction at actual event? check

    Posted by Sean Ward on 24 May 11 at 6:38am [Reply]
    • if you would like to listen to music at a skim event bring an portable ipod player- that way you can choose your own music! personally i hate when there is shitty music drowning your thoughts and words… contest was epic! in my eyes it was another successful event (mexi style)

      Posted by isaac zoller on 25 May 11 at 9:38pm [Reply]
      • i just have to say the contest was a chill gathering but was a poor contest it was ran very poorly nobody knew what was goin on and yeah any contest needs music doesnt matter if people dont like it (isaac) and just what you said it was Mexi style and thats lame! are you saying Mexi style is half ass style cuz thats what it was?we have been tryin for years to help out the contest and they dont want to let has have any part in this and that is why there is so much negativity towards this!!yeah we all a great time but me being a Local from Cabo we wait all year for this contest,there is only one big contest down here from the UST and when it finally comes to town and its a joke we feel offended because we feel that you feel its ok cuz its Mexico we can half ass it that is lame!!!! ALL WE WANT TO DO IS HELP THE CONTEST!!!

        Posted by SCRAPPY on 27 May 11 at 12:38pm
  4. Short little angry photographer from SD w Napoleon Syndrome and a big mouth that he wont run anywhere but the internet……….. CHECK!!!!
    I heard you and drugs on yourself were the reason the whole Zap team almost went to jail in Cabo a couple years back.

    Posted by John Handincock on 24 May 11 at 7:16am [Reply]
  5. at least I’m not doing it hiding behind an anonymous name.

    Posted by Sean Ward on 24 May 11 at 7:44am [Reply]
  6. epic comp guys!!!!

    Posted by toby on 24 May 11 at 8:06am [Reply]
  7. Sean you should just put on your own contest, Get a decent prize purse, invite the best and if they think it’s worth their while they’ll go. Stop bitching and start doing.

    Posted by David Levin on 24 May 11 at 8:24am [Reply]
  8. POST the video!!!
    13 and 16 best photos!!!

    Posted by monkalnakor on 24 May 11 at 8:40am [Reply]
  9. Great contest Diego. Thank you for all your hard work. All my guys had a great time and are stoked for the next one.

    Posted by Aaron Peluso on 24 May 11 at 11:43am [Reply]
    • Thanks for the rundown and pics. I was wondering if you guys all got washed out sea. haha

      Posted by Brian Boyle on 24 May 11 at 12:46pm [Reply]
      • Thanks Brian! Sorry it took a little longer than I had hoped. I had some important things to do…… 😉

        Posted by Aaron Peluso on 24 May 11 at 7:44pm
    • hey man! quick question, did you touch up the photos on PS at all or are they all naturale and camera worked only? Either way, wow man greaaat pics man, im stealing one for my background in my laptop if you dont mind. mad props!

      Posted by Roger Rogel on 30 May 11 at 9:49am [Reply]
  10. Good synopsis and great pics!

    Posted by Jayboy on 24 May 11 at 1:45pm [Reply]
  11. sick pics and writeup – thanks Aaron!

    Posted by craig potter on 24 May 11 at 2:08pm [Reply]
  12. sooo much fun to be home! could’ve used a PA and music to bumb the BANDA on the beach, but eh w/e’s.

    Posted by omar meddeb on 25 May 11 at 6:52am [Reply]
    • I agree a PA and heat board are very needed. Music would be a good touch too.

      In the end, having a good time is what its all about though. Stoked to see you out there ripping yet again.

      Posted by Aaron Peluso on 25 May 11 at 9:33pm [Reply]
  13. Hey Aaron

    Thanks for the review & these awesome photos.
    I’m glad the contest went well & that you guys had a good time.

    Did I mention those photos are SICK!

    After looking at them I had to immediately grab my board & go skim (even though conditions were horrible) … still had a fun.

    Spread the stoke…live to skim! :)

    Posted by Sean (SkimZA) on 25 May 11 at 2:50pm [Reply]
  14. no worries wardo!!!! the LES OPEN is gonna be prime!

    Posted by omar meddeb on 26 May 11 at 7:37am [Reply]
  15. I had a great time, good vibes great conditions and the rest.

    Wardo – What is the deal with the negativity? Why don’t you guys try to hook up with Vic (the people who are in charge of the contest) and try to work something out. No doubt with the help of the locals the contest could be run better, I just think that the checklist of things that you saw wrong with the contest is a little much….

    This contest has always been more of a rugged gathering than other contests, but that is why I like it so much. If the idea is to turn it into the vic contest south of the border help will be needed from locals……

    Thanks to Diego and his crew and thanks to the folks at vic as well for another great time

    Posted by Brendan Stevens on 26 May 11 at 10:05am [Reply]
  16. I had a great time at the event. Thanks for running it Diego.

    Posted by Paulo Prietto on 26 May 11 at 12:10pm [Reply]
  17. i had a great time there. thank you diego you got a good job!! and if you guys dont like this contest dont come again!!

    Posted by andres "pollo" bost on 27 May 11 at 6:14pm [Reply]
  18. the cabo classic was so sick!! its cabo.
    its a big competition, needs to be more organitation for sure, but once again cabo classic was really good, tanks diego you are chingon!!!

    Posted by besh on 28 May 11 at 10:14pm [Reply]
  19. I’ve never been to a real skimboarding competition like this before, so I dont have much to compare to, but i think whats most important is that great people, ang great fun came all together nevertheless, and no one got hurt or seriously injured as far as im concerned..I’ll be sure to try to get involved and help make accomodations better for those unhappy campers, when/if I move there. And Paulo thanks a ton for the pointers out there, they’ve seriously helped. I hope to see you all out there again soon. Thanks to the locals, the visitors from the states, and everyone else from the different parts of Mexico, you are all great people and friends.
    Anyone ever find yourself traveling by or through Hermosillo, Sonora (tho there are not great waves nearby) or need a translator (haha) or anything i could help with, keep in touch. look me up, same name on fb

    Posted by Roger Rogel on 30 May 11 at 9:33am [Reply]
  20. me no comprende ¿ ? a coin in the air….. cabo is another world another level….enjoy it!!!

    Posted by Jaime Martinez on 31 May 11 at 7:06pm [Reply]
  21. On my personal Opinion this Contest was a blast! It really takes a lot to put it all together and if us locals want to make it better, we should at least give our support to it. Big shout out to Diego that made a great job. I’ve seen Diego really work hard for it and i helped him in what i could.
    And i mean is Cabo!!! what more do you need that enjoy cabo itself :)

    Posted by Valerie on 31 May 11 at 7:23pm [Reply]
  22. no video senor peluso?

    Posted by skimbum19 on 01 June 11 at 5:22am [Reply]
    • A video is in the works. It has been delayed a little due to some mailing issues (mailing footage) but it is coming. Probably early-mid next week.

      Posted by Aaron Peluso on 02 June 11 at 9:00pm [Reply]
      • do you have the full results from the comp yet?

        Posted by SCRAPPY on 03 June 11 at 8:10am
  23. Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.

    Posted by Kendra on 20 January 12 at 10:57pm [Reply]
  24. Nicely done, I enjoyed reading this and will probably add you on twitter/facebook later on.

    Posted by Jaime on 29 January 12 at 1:07am [Reply]

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