Gorgonitas Championship 2011

Gorgonitas Skim is the premiere Spanish skimboarding organization that has been pushing the sport’s progression in Spain’s relatively new skim community. They have a website that provides riders in Spain with news and media from the skimboarding world, and they also put on contests like the 2011 Gorgonitas Compeonato taking place in Barcelona his September.

Gorgonitas started out of a necessity for growth and progression within the Spanish skim community. They attempted to spread skimboarding in Spain rapidly, but made sure to create good foundations while doing so, as the sport is very new in Spain. By putting on contests, they aim to improve the skill level of local riders who have been skimming for many years while at the same time providing instruction to new skimmers in the community.

They work hard to do all of this by helping new skimmers in Spain by providing instruction at the beach, putting on contests, and providing information on their site about the bests spots to ride. They also help those who speak Spanish all over the world by creating videos with skimboarding instruction and posting them to their site. Gorgonitas helps more advanced riders with sponsorship proposals and providing a competitive atmosphere in which they can prepare for international competitions.

Their overall goal is to expand the Spanish skimboarding community while at the same time remembering their roots.

Last years Gorgonitas Championship was not graced with great conditions but had support from international sponsors like Victoria Skimboards as well as professional skimmers, including Miles Grobman. The contest grows every year, and with more support from the international skim community, including sponsorship from Exile Skimboards, this year’s contest promises to be even better than last year.

Check out the flier and footage from last year’s contest below. Best of luck to our Spanish friends!




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