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gorgonitas featured
Posted 28 Apr 2011

Gorgonitas Championship 2011

Gorgonitas Skim is the premiere Spanish skimboarding organization that has been pushing the sport’s progression in Spain’s relatively new skim community. They have a website that provides riders in Spain with news and media from the skimboarding world, and they also put on contests like the 2011 Gorgonitas Compeonato taking place in Barcelona his September. Gorgonitas started out of a… Continue »
Posted 27 Apr 2011

Morgan Just: Wedge Session

Victoria Skimboards recently captured some footage of pro team rider Morgan Just riding his new 2011 Pro Model at the infamous Wedge in Newport Beach, California. Check out the video below, visit Victoria’s YouTube page for more footage, and click here to check out Morgan’s 2011 Pro Model. Continue »
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Posted 21 Apr 2011

SkimOnline Welcomes Eelsnot

SkimOnline would like to welcome new partner Eelsnot Board Therapy! Eelsnot is a water displacing agent, not a wax, that you put on the bottom of your board allowing for a smoother, faster ride. It also smooths scratches and imperfections in older boards to create a smooth surface for better performance. The idea for Eelsnot started in 2006 and was… Continue »
dude cruise featured
Posted 19 Apr 2011

The Dude! Cruise Video

About a year and a half ago, Exile Skimboards released their newest shape, the ‘Dude! Cruise’ to the public. This shape is a swallow tail, fish style board that is shorter and wider than a hybrid or pro shape Exile board. The extra width allows for extra float while the tail shape allows the rider to retain maneuverability. Exile has… Continue »
Posted 18 Apr 2011

Kalemba Skim: Angola

Most people in the skimboarding community would never expect to see their sport reaching the developing nations of Africa. Surprisingly, there is a group of young children in Angola, a country on Africa’s Southwestern coast, who have taken to the beach to skimboard. The ‘boards’ they use are not something most people would consider a skimboard. They use whatever they… Continue »
Posted 17 Apr 2011

Victoria’s Get to Know Series:...

Morgan Just has stepped up to the plate and answered your questions in the “Get To Know” series from Victoria Skimboards. Designed by Victoria as an open forum for you to ask your favorite skimboarder the most personal questions, Morgan Just has provided some insight for all to read. Check out his answers to your questions on the “Get To… Continue »
Posted 14 Apr 2011

2011 Bama Am Video and Results

A couple weeks ago Alley-Oop, Blond Johns Surf & Skate, and Zap Skimboards teamed up to put on a free skimboarding clinic and the 2011 BAMA AM skimboarding competition in Gulf Shores Alabama. The weekend was filled with great weather, fun skimming, and lots of good vibes. The locals in Gulf Shores and the crew from Blond John’s Surf &… Continue »
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Posted 09 Apr 2011

Full Coverage of the 2011 Green Eggs...

This year’s Green Eggs and Am event was a trifecta of three contests taking place at 9th Street, West Street, and Balboa in March. There was a great turnout with some great talent. Check out the coverage from all three contests below. Big thanks to Paulo and Steve for putting on this great event! Video filmed and edited by Derek… Continue »