South Side

Posted 06 January 2011   Delaware, Spots, USA


  • WAVE TYPE: Powerful shorebreak
  • SWELL SIZE: 4’+
  • BEST TIDES: Rising or Dropping

Just South of Dewey Beach, this beach provides the most powerful shorebreak in Delaware. On an average day, 4-5 foot waves roll in to pound the shore about 10 to 15 feet out. On an incredible day, we’ve seen 7 footers rolling in. Now this spot isn’t a wish come true so it’s not always good, but we can usually depend on South Side for great skim. The best time to go is when the tides are changing, either from high to low, or low to high, it doesn’t really matter, but don’t ever go on dead high or dead low…’ll never reach the waves.

In order to get to South Side, head southbound out of Dewey down route 1 until you hit a big bridge, this bridge goes over Indian River Inlet. Go over the bridge and as soon as you get completely over get on the right turnoff, follow that road back under the bridge and you will come to a toll booth and you’re there. This place is a state park and the lifeguards have set certain boundaries where people cannot skim. You must go outside of the orange flags in order to skim.

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  1. I Love the south-side, it always has great waves. Typically 4+ feet and always provides a good liner, sometimes on a good day there will be a small sider that you can take out to a liner or wrap.

    Posted by sam.i.skim on 09 May 12 at 9:48am [Reply]

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