Dewey Beach (Main Beach)

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  • WAVE TYPE: Peeling lefts and rights on either side of the jetty
  • SWELL SIZE: 2′ – 6’+
  • BEST TIDE: High
  • SLOPE: Good slope on high tide
  • BEST SEASON: Summer
  • ACCESS/PARKING: Dewey beach is very easy to get to. Follow Route 1 which runs directly through Dewey and park somewhere within the township. Parking requires a season pass so you will have to pay at a meter or at one of the side lots. Alternatively, follow signs to Rehoboth and park on the south side of the township. Parking is free and you can easily walk to the southern most jetty of this township.

COMMENTS: One of the best skimming spots on the east coast exists in the second smallest state within the union, Delaware. Although there are several good skimming sites on this states coastline, Dewey Beach is by far the best. This is the only area on the east coast I have visited that truly is beach break. This area is ideal for skimmers and is truly the east coast capital of skimming. Any section of beach within the township is good for skimming however, due to the crowds and such, the northern most stretch of beach is by far the best. There is a rock jetty that separates Dewey from the neighboring community of Rehobeth Beach. This jetty is a perfect spot for riding waves at high tide since the waves peel right or left depending which side you are on. I’ve ridden this break during the summer months on and off for the past seven years and am convinced it is the best within the state. Best time to ride is definitely high tide, since the beach is so steep this is the only time to get adequate run up for setting up. On a good day, 3-4 foot waves are common within 5-10 feet off shore. Typically the waves have good form and are steep enough for aerials.

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  1. East Coast skimming and skimming completely started in Dewey beach. I live in Dewey and skim just about 300 days of the year. By far this is my favorite place to skim. In my opinion its better than Aliso, the wedge and 10th street. In Dewey waves range from to to even 6 feet. great for flatland, wraps and wave riding. If your lucky You can catch a southwest wind and see a classic Dewey south swell liner. Not to mention dewy has the best food on earth, while your here hit up Woody’s east coast bar and grille, the starboard and Que Pasa.

    Posted by the dewey devil on 09 May 12 at 10:05am [Reply]

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