Bill Bryan Leaves Victoria Skimboards

Posted 30 January 2011   2011 News, News, Partner News, Victoria Skimboards News

The crew at Victoria Skimboards is sad to announce the departure of Bill Bryan from the Victoria Skimboards team. Bill is a fantastic skimboarder and our relationship with him through the years has been mutually beneficial. We wish Bill the best in his future endeavors and thank him for all of his dedication to the sport and to Victoria Skimboards.




  1. toda la suerte para bill

    Posted by Diego Alberto Arellano Zepeda on 30 January 11 at 6:47pm [Reply]
  2. all the luck for bill

    Posted by Diego Alberto Arellano Zepeda on 30 January 11 at 6:47pm [Reply]
  3. Where his he going to??

    Posted by Rui on 31 January 11 at 9:32am [Reply]
  4. ???????? dislike

    Posted by Brad on 31 January 11 at 12:46pm [Reply]
  5. bill good luck, and he go to another team?

    Posted by D.Adão on 01 February 11 at 4:50am [Reply]
  6. Best of luck Bill
    Where his he going?

    Posted by Skimtard on 07 February 11 at 10:29am [Reply]
  7. he didnt leave he got dropped!hes a tweaker,thats why they call him beaker!!!

    Posted by bobby smalls on 09 February 11 at 4:36pm [Reply]
    • not sure who you are, but i am sure you’re a fucking fag. you don’t know beaker, he ain’t a tweaker, and you better watch who you talk shit about. never heard of you which makes me certain you aren’t any good at skimboarding, which leads me to think you are pathetic if you lurk on skim websites talking shit about the guy who has dominated the sport when you most likely suck. get off the computer and grow a pair of balls. when you finish doing that go ride a sider at the wedge and break your scrawny neck.

      love, WEEZ

      Posted by Jesse Westgaard on 15 February 11 at 10:12am [Reply]
      • Bobby smalls knows beaker.. he lives with him
        he knows his shit!
        beaker head butted his window at 3am for more money to get crack and then starting throwing miriam accross the room and bobby step in and stop it with force
        good man big tuna

        Posted by beaker_sucks on 17 February 11 at 10:02am
      beaker sucks. he got dropped for being a shit show and ending up in the hospital
      he rides for grape know i guess, not makin no more krack money

      Posted by beaker_sucks on 17 February 11 at 10:01am [Reply]
      • you guys are both fags. go get a job on tmz you fuckin loudmouth. quit your shit talking while you hide behind an internet alias, and you know my name so if you don’t like what i say, get at me… don’t end up in the hospital yourself though.

        Posted by Jesse Westgaard on 18 February 11 at 12:38am
      • also, not sure how headbutting a window at 3am gets you crack money?

        Posted by Jesse Westgaard on 18 February 11 at 12:40am
  8. toda la y lo mejor suerte para bill. saludos desde argentina.

    Posted by fede on 14 February 11 at 7:48am [Reply]
  9. i started skimboarding because of him. thanks bill.

    Posted by Jet Shon on 18 February 11 at 1:41am [Reply]
  10. I love you bill, and no one will ever match 16 world Championships in any sport!!!!!!!!!!

    To all the haters I have learned not to judge people we all go through shit it makes us grow!
    Bill you need me or anyone to talk to I am here! Nobody other than yourself has CHOSEN to have the experiences that you go through every moment of your life. The reality that YOU create is exactly what YOU need in order to learn the necessary lessons so YOU can grow and become more aware of YOURSELF. Its a perfect full proof, cant mess it up, setup, destined NEVER to fail. YOU receive precisely want YOU need at precisely the right time so YOU are able to grow and evolve at precisely the pace YOU are supposed to. Those so called mistakes are just lessons disguised as problems waiting for YOU to realize its a gift waiting to be revealed. Further introspection of that problem will expose the priceless gift that will enhance YOU to a wonderful life.
    If YOU choose (you choose everything) not to see the reason for the mistake then it becomes a problem that will not be resolved surely to be repeated.
    Be aware of what YOU are thinking as that will amount to YOUR experiences.
    YOU are responsible for what happens every time , without exception.

    Posted by Michael Spencer Taylor on 18 February 11 at 2:05pm [Reply]
  11. good luck bill, we’ll still be looking out for you. :)

    Posted by Arlene Nonato on 22 February 11 at 11:27pm [Reply]
  12. goodluck bill! youre one of the best!

    Posted by paolo martinez on 23 February 11 at 1:30am [Reply]
  13. bobby smalls and Beaker Sucks are no locals of Laguna, Learn aloha, What Bobby is 22 I herd and Beaker right or wrong Bobby your straight wrong! Hope the LBC police see this slander on Bills name and use this against you in court on the case against you!

    Posted by Michael Spencer Taylor on 23 February 11 at 1:38am [Reply]
  14. Very sad news. I remember seeing Bill tearing it up during the annual Victoria contest at Aliso Beach. He is a legend and I wish him all the best.

    Posted by iPod Docking Station with Speakers on 08 March 11 at 7:17am [Reply]
  15. bill is a fantastic skimboarder ? thats the best writeup you can give ?

    like saying MJ was really good at basketball

    Posted by the roots on 08 March 11 at 11:25pm [Reply]
  16. Beaker is a close personal friend of mine, and all I can say is he is WINNING….luv ya beaks…this “bobby smalls” is not the bobby that served him the beatings, lets not get it twisted..

    Posted by Charlie Sheen on 11 March 11 at 8:35am [Reply]
  17. Skimming on a boogie board is where it’s at ya’all

    Posted by Shove_itt88 on 13 September 16 at 6:55pm [Reply]
  18. Also, I wear my sunglasses at night

    Posted by Shove_itt88 on 13 September 16 at 6:57pm [Reply]

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